Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Psykopath Van headed to the Great Salt Lake Nationals for some hot action racing, and it was really hot! Danni Blackmore crashed and knock herself out, and got a concussion so doctors advice against racing on Sunday, too bad because 2 weeks ago she doubled in Santa Barbara, Hope you are better Danni!, smooth as usual Nick Valencia got 2 seconds in Cruiser, with no luck in class on Sunday not without throwing some stile at his last race, Saturday saw all the Psykopath Pros make there mains with Jesse “Hollywood” Langland and Evan Steinberg was flying all weekend on their new Psykopath pull frames. Ericka Short was on a mission with her brand new 07 Pull Frame that she put together a hour before the race with the help of new team manager Arturo, who gave up his own frame for the team and ended up borrowing other peoples bikes all weekend (what a Trooper!!), she grabbed a pair of second places both days. Ericka showed everybody that she can win Elite woman, but she had to settle with a second for the day again, I guess training is paying off, and she did it with a broken foot/toe!, she never even got out of the injury list!, Saturday Super fast Argentinian Damian Lopez make his main in which he ended up crashing on stumpy on the first turn and end up hurting his leg on the process wich put him out for rest of the week, the highlight of the weekend was Evan Steinberg who was going super fast all weekend and on Sunday he finish first! With a stacked main with names like Sowers, Garcia, Anderson, believe me, it was no easy task, and from all of us at Psykopath we congratulate you on your first win Evan!
Our next National will be in The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, this will be the return to the tracks of Alan " Hot Pants " Hudson, A pro is getting more and more exiting to watch, it will be interesting to see Alan and Evan race each other !. Most of the West coast team will be there, drop by, so you can see our 07 Pull frame, light and fast and ready to Race, for more information you can e-mailed us at mailto: psykopath_industries@yahoo.com seeya at the races!.