Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doin’ Big Things Like Rocky!

Coming back out like a heavy night of partying, come the unstoppable Alynn Hunter.

DAY ONE OF GETTING BACK ON THE BIKE Time to get ready for state in two weeks and then push for Disney!!

Here's to getting stronger,

1st Annual NorCal Classic

Thank you to everyone that made it out to Santa Clara last weekend.
That was definitely classic!

Sunshine Coast Playa

A shot out to Matt Jensen deep in the BC. Good lookin' out!

Stay Fresh!

Beijing Represent!

We are very excited to be sponsoring Olympic athletes here in Psykopath.

Augusto Castro

and Sergio Salazar

were in China representing Columbia and Psykopath. Psykopath has always been around since the early 80's since Carl the owner got the bmx bug in him, from just a neighborhood street club, that later became a small local race team when Carl's three boys started racing in the 90's, Then in Mid 2004 Carl decided to to start a full factory race and street team and design frames from the riders themselves. He knew he wanted to recruit the best talent out there with a very small budget. We recruited a handful of A Pro's with promising bmx careers, and since Carl is from Columbia, and new the U.S. team already had deep talent he recruited a number of riders form South America. It's been a long trip to this point for us, back in 2004 Psykopath started sponsoring couple of South American riders Damian Lopez, Gustavo Lopez, then U.S. Olympic Long team member Randy Stumphouser held a Sprint Trails Race on his own Backyard. Thats were we introduced Augusto Castro, Sergio Salazar,. Damian Lopez, and our goal was to design the best race frame on the market, and get our boys in the Beijing Olympic Games in 08. This is were it all started, Looking back to that race you can see Olympic Sliver Medalist Mike Day, and many other Olympic hopefuls

(DC race on youtube March 2005)

that race marked a point in Psykopath History Sponsoring the largest BMX Pro Roster in bmx history, at one point we had over 20 pro racers on the team, from Foreign Talent to local Heros, which lead other bike companies to start building there pro roster even bigger and supporting riders trying to make a living on their bikes.

They were all very young talented athletes and they didn't know then but they were all Olympic Hopefuls, fast forward a few years later we feel very proud helping to get two of our riders to the Olympics, winning many races worldwide, and creating the fasting bmx race frame in the Olympic Games. We are currently scouting new talent in the A Pro/Super X/Girl Pro, for our development program, who knows you may be in the Next Olympics. Also be on the lookout for our Newest race frame design, called the Castro Pull.