Tuesday, March 31, 2009

come check out the LA echo park jam grab your bike and see if you have wait it takes to hange! how hungry are you?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I woke up this morning to ride to the Berkeley Skate Park, which is right next to my house for a Sunday morning therapy ride to find out that some fucking asshole jumped my backyard and stole my street bike, a great day turned to a shity day. So all you Psykopath's in Nor Cal be on the lookout for this bike, its an older 06 euro bottom bracket street bike with a custom 30 tooth star psykopath gear, supercross forks, sx bars, sx cranks with psykopath pedals and S&M stem. If you see some fucker riding this bike kick his ass and get my bike and i will give you a new Psykopath frame of your choice. So you little shit out with my bike now you have the Psykopath Army looking for you. Meanwhile I will build a new one up, so I need parts, anyone willing to barter or sale used parts for a small fee. I am not picky I rode my last street for years and was happy riding it. email me for parts or reward carlrenow@yahoo.com

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nick Valencia our all knowing TM here at Psykopath takes a lap of his own and pulls down USAC #3 in the process. Be on the lookout for the team at ABA Oregon April
3,4,5th as our singles A riders and Ams tear it up. Riders will include Kevin and Kyle Zondervan as well as Jesse Langland and Nick Valencia to anchor the crew.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Psykopath's Team manager/rider Nick "Dawg" Valancia currently is the best two sided in bmx today, he is the formal World # 8 in 06, and after this weekend in Desoto Texas, he is the current USAC #3 in both his classes. He has so much skills and is so fast this is why he has two #1's on this plate. Look for Nick to repersent the U.S. in Australia this summer as he just made the U.S. team. After the worlds Nick will be on a mini Psykopath Street Tour for our new Psykopath street video coming soon. Check his email he sent us after this weekend the boy has Awaken the Psykopath within!!

What up?! Haha hey guys just wanted to send a quick shout to the guys/companies that make things happen for me and give you an update on how the USAC World Championships Qualifier went for me. Killed it all day Ive been riding well and my knee is good. Ended up #3 in the country on both bikes but Im psyked on the podium because I holeshot both main events but had some trouble with a certain jump and that kept me from the top spot. Had some good battles Im easily the favorite in the class and Im ready for worlds and the next 2 months will be serious training to put myself in position to podium in Australia. So just wanted to say thanks for sure and everyone who helps me out in small and large ways.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Psykopath Visits San Diego for Rirst rule street jam!
Psykopath & First Rule stay riding!

A good group of riders show up at the contest despite the rain hours b4

Amazing wall ride that riders found in the cuts!
Local BMX hottie Melissa hanging out @ the skatepark

Nice wall ride @ San Diego city college

Nice manuel down ledge by rider Jake Honesto!
San Diego local youngster Chad Kerley shredding the whole day and raising some eyebrows

Reid!!! Psykopath promoter. The coolest man on earth!

Anthony Psykopath, Reid Psykopath & Yusef Psykopath @ SDSU

barspin by Erik Mesta @ infamous San Diego ditches!

Psykopath Rider Tony Renda! Watch out this kid has alot of potential...

Vader jam!

180 barspin in downtown San Diego!

Psykopath Took a road trip down to San Diego for First Rules annual event. We went down friday nite and stayed @ a friends spot @ SDSU where the girls and the parties showed us a good time! Saturday was beautiful and a perfect day to go riding! We meet up with more riders and some locals @ a awesome 5,000 sqft skatepark rite off of the water. Riders were throwing it down. After a couple hours there we went to some crappy dirt jumps that locals told us about but its not worth talking about. Than we went to the infamous San diego ditches where there was incredible riding spots. There were banks, hips, halfpipes, wall rides ect,. Just so many things to ride! 2 bad the sun went down so we had to leave. Sunday was the day of the contest, Just hours b4 it started the rain came down pretty hard. Our riders pretty bumed out and we were so close to go back home but we ended up showing up. Despite the rain a good amount a riders made it out. After a couple hours the sun came out and dried everything off and it turned out to be a nice day again Yee Yee. Riders meet up @ Balboa park and went to the first spot, San Diego High where there was alot of rails and ledges to go off. After that we went a more spots where there was more stairs and ledges. My favorite spot was in front of San Diego city college, a double staircase and some nice walls to ride. The event was a success and i'd like to thank everyone that was part of putting this together. Im out Psykopath Industries!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Psykopath staff and First Rule guys meet up before the big weekend in San Diego Ca, be there to shut down So Cal, its that time of year for "C"EST LA LIE" this Sunday 22 March 2009 1pm @ Balboa Park at the Fountain. Again be there or be square.

Coits new vegetable ride ready to mob down to Daygo!

Siked ready for the weekend

Up in Psykopath Headquaters First Rule guys and psykopath staff Neal Roy and Anthony Renowitzky laughing and having fun, what a job.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Olympician Augusto Castro from Columbia, South America will be in the States hitting up some UCI, NBL, ABA races with his lady. This is a pic by Jerry Landrum from www.bmxmania.com the very best racing site in bmx. Look for Augusto in the U.S. getting his game on. Lets also nominate Jerry in the BMX Hall of Fame for bringing bmx to the masses as the best photograher and webguy in bmx racing. Psykopath has your VOTE Jerry keep up the good work.

Steven Landrum from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo
Psykopath is happy add Steve Landrum to the street flow team, Steve rep's the 408 Nor Cal area he has a bag of tricks to bring to the team. And Psykopath will be supporting while he progresses his skills.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Unfortunately our Psykopath limo is gone! Psykopath is ganna miss that ride! Were ganna miss all the good times... All the road trips... All the races... All the jumps... All the parks... Everywhere! Even the girls! There so are many stories that we can tell about what happened in this limo.

But theres good news! We bought a newer limo for this summer so watch out for Psykopath riders. Were ganna be everywhere in BMX

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is Jon lawson are new VET pro and new street rider.

John Lawson is our new Vet Pro/Street rider from the East Coast, he will be our hands-on representitive in the field. He has been riding Freestyle BMX since 1980.
He competed in the very first World Championship of Freestyle BMX in Las Vegas,NV in December 1982 when he was fifteen. This competition was created and judged by Bob Haro in conjunction with the Jag-BMX World Championship of Racing at the Hotel
Tropicana convention center. He rode for Mongoose back then when the sport was still young. He took Second Place in the World in the 16 and under class and was in the March 1983 BMX Plus Magazine. He was then propositioned by Jag-BMX/Thom-McCan to represent JOX-JAG BMX Sneakers and see the world and ride for Renny Roker whom
owned Jag BMX Products. The Bottom Line is: He has a vast riding and life experience and he always try to contribute all of my knowledge and value to our sport to help facilitate innovative progression.
It is an honor to have John represent our company, wear one of our Factory Team Jerseys and ride on one of your Frame. Welcome to the Psykopath Family Brother.

Come check out and support nor-cal flats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cat House from Christopher San Agustin on Vimeo.
Check out Tony Compos giving a tour in his San Fransico house.
Jorge Martinez
one of are new factory riders sporten his new frame and jersey.

Psykopath Team hits ABA Phoenix in style. The trip got off to a great start with local boys Kevin Zondervan who was fresh out of EMT class, Jesse Langland our resident A-Pro on the road, and TM Nick Dawg even snagged another local Allen Porter who was hungry to make some noise in the new 41 and over X class. A quick stop at the local Red Bull HQ and the crew would have no problem knocking out the 11 hour drive down into the desert. Valencia would take the long drive in stride and think about the turnout that would be there including many heavy hitters in the ultra tough 19-27X class which he would share the task of getting into the main event with Kevin this weekend. It was one of Kevins first of hopefully many trips with the road crew/team and he fit well. Nick and Kevin had their work cut out for them, but maybe a little bit easy of a task compared to Jesse Langland who would be banging bars with none other than the complete podium from the Beijing Games as Strombergs/Mike Day/ and DR would all be in the house to make every A pro who was looking for a UCI point work as hard as possible to get it. Jesse started off with a rough Friday pre race but showed signs that the weekend could only get better. Nick and Kevin took the friday to scope out practice and rest for a very long UCI Saturday. Red Bull had an event going on that Jesse and Kevin attended with some pro wakeboarders in town for a contest so those guys went out and hit the night life as Nick and Porter layed low and plotted out the weekends race at hand.

Jesse looked good in the UCI rounds all day long but with such a deep deep pool of talent the quarters were elusive this time around as Jesse would just miss the cut but showed signs that Sundays typical A pro program should suit him well. He took tons of experience from the laps with some of the best in the sport and here at Psykopath we like to stand behind our single A's that go head to head with Olympians and show that they can be the next big thing, so god job Jesse keep up the first straight work and things can and will fall into place. Jesse wouldn't let a bum day at the track slow him down as he bolted home and showered up for a rave? Haha the heckling began but Jesse was off to party it up and trance it with some of the weirder people in the state of AZ. Haha might have stayed out a little too late though, as Sunday morning brought a first round fall that would start him off with an 8 in the low points chase. 8-4-1 was 13 points and left Jesse just outside of advancing to the next round of qualifying. Mike Redman caught wind of the rave talk and had dubbed Jesse "Night Crawler" for the rest of the weekend, always fun and Redman showed him some love to offset a close points cut. Jesse is looking for that UCI point still so he can represent Psykopath at the UCI Worlds in Australia and we fully intend on backing him to make that happen so watch for him at ABA Texas in 2 weeks!

Valencia and Zondervan were looking good in motos with a few 2nd round wins and shots into the quarters. Kevin is always improving and should be looking to go deeper in a talented class as the year goes on but this weekend was a bit much as he fell short of the main event but liek Langland got a good glimpse of what he needs to do to make it in the class. Valencia on the other hand is still working through a bummed knee but has also shown glimpses of what he can do when things are dialed in. A crash in the Saturday quarter left him on the outside so he would miss the transfer there but come back hard on Sunday and eventually survive the quarters and semis to take a 5th in a very tough main. That should help him move up in the current NAG standings for 19-27X and he has a little bit of momentum going into a busy month where he will be at NBL Nellis this weekend and ABA Texas the following weekend. Look for the team to always be hanging out in the pits at your nearest national and we always want to congratulate our riders on the way to factory level as this weekend the Martinez Family took down some good scores and even a win or two while in phoenix! Pics to be posted soon as the camera has been acting up as of late- Over and out see ya at NBL Nellis...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Psykopath Industries has a opening for five more psykopaths on its street team. We are trying to get a video in the works, do you think you have what it takes. Than please send us your pics and videos to psykopath_industries@yahoo.com and see if you have what it takes to be a psykopath.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Psykopath's Tony Campos In SF

Picture credit Joey Cobbs

Tony Campos is a BAD ASS He is one of Psykopath Best street riders Coming out of San Francisco,CA where he was born and raised! Since day 1 Tony has been repping Psykopath and putting us on the map in park and street. For the past two years he has been riding in the Dew TourHe also is a college student, and plays in a rock band. He has a awesome riding spot in his back yard, and when the big boys like Mirra, Nyquist, etc come to town they camp at his house. Check out his myspace to learn more about Tony C! http://www.myspace.com/gooniebmxer

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Check out a Tyler's Psykopath 2005 street frame from the island of Honolulu. Our Cousin is Ripping up the island streets and causing mayham.