Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Rule is hosting the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival block party in San Francisco for the third year in a row. This years party is going to be crazy. They will have an entire street to build ramps, BBQ, watch movies, and just get loose! Psykopath Industries will be a sponsor for this event.

Monday, June 29, 2009

90 acres for the dogs but none for the kids, what is up with that? Raymand and his dog has more than bmxer kids at the Berkeley Marina. Join the cause if you want to ride.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Augusto Castro Podiums Day 1 @ South Park Pa Stars and Stripes NBL!!!

A truly international field was present this weekend and the pride of Columbia Augusto Castro worked his way to a 3rd and helps his efforts for an NBL charge. A moto win early in the day served notice that Castro was feeling great and took his Psykopath Pull frame all the way to the bank! More details to follow and our very own traveling TM Nick "Dawg" Valencia locked in a 5th place finish in 19-25X!!! Congrats to you boys and best of luck tomorrow pics of Augusto with 2nd place Super X rider Fausto Endara and the podium shot with Stumpy and Pohlkamp.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dont forget this monday the 29 come out and show your love for bmx in the east bay.We will take berkeley by storm and psykopath will do all that it can to get measure ww to pass.
Killin it in san fransico

S&M-FitBikeCo Party from Christopher San Agustin on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anthony Renowitzky!!! what the hell are you doing!! Psykopath Operation Manager Anthony launches over rail and takes the street team out to San Francisco streets to shoot film for the next street video.

Psykopath Team Manager Nick Valencia giving some first turn action June 14 @ First State Nationals - ABA PRO / UCI Series Milford, DE First State BMX, Pic by www.bmxnow.com

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This weekend was off the hook, 360 off huge stairs, fucking crazy...

Sergio Salazar BMX Olympian, Augusto Castro BMX Olympian, and Damian Lopez BMX Argentina National Champion, 2005 DC Race @ Stumpy's house in Nor Cal.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

mett├Ądirttti milla,me from Kangasala Finland sent in some pics and can she ride. Its cool to see cute chicks with so much style.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whip it good..

Factory Psykopath Pro rider Z-Man from San Jose Ca..knows whats fun this summer...Hot babes...and BMX...sounds gay but very true.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Email of the week.

The ideas are coming in for a BMX park in Berkeley Ca. Below is a Berkeley Resident about his view about a BMX Park, so if you have a comment about a bmx park email us we love to hear your words..Will say his name is Boy George....bottom line is we need a safe place for our youth... The dogs have 100 acres at the Berkeley Marina why can bmxer kids get 3 or 4 acres..


Disclosure: The views and thoughts of others are not same as the views of Psykopath Industries and its staff..this is a bmx news blog.

Hey dude,

So when I was in jail, this kids mom came into one of the anti-violence classes they conduct in sf county jail, they had these classes once a week and were kinda heavy sometimes....they just threw the fucking book at the dude who did it...righteous...


So I'm watching all these young teen black kids getting into bikes on the block, they tape them up and shit all colored like Kanye...its awesome...and I see older kids shooting at each other and associated deaths and car crashes and active swat scenes I suddenly bike into, and I see Solar Richmond training hood kids for solar jobs, and I see white people at community meetings coming up with no other ideas than surveillance and arresting any black teens in groups, and I think that Berkeley needs a bike track with a large solar array in the middle, as a training center for both bmx and education for solar, with loaner bikes for on site training. Berkeley can helps its own, if Richmond was able to pull it off, then why shouldn't Berkeley have something? I know space is a premium, but it can generate power for profit using a power purchase agreement with a solar company who then turns them into renewable energy credits in a market that is coming into a cap & trade on carbon, some equipment can be donated by various companies, but purchases would be part of a larger investment plan. There could even be electric car and bicycle recharging stations that charge a fee or city car share stations or similar. The space out by the pedestrian bridge would rock, I don''t know what that is slated for, something I'm sure...

Just thoughts, maybe I'm drunk or it's a real idea...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wassup Heres a Pic I took in Oakland off high street @ this bike party after a Psykopath summer session.
The Original Psykopath team at Shady 80 Trails (RIP) 1999, Berkeley Ca, Anthony, Andrew, and Arthur

Nicole sent us this rad looking flyer for the Jam/Rally in Berkeley on the 29 June 2009 check it out. Also if you feel a little political and thought you can't make a difference join us for "Power to the Riders campaign". Dates below for each city, remember know one said it would be easy.

In the next few weeks there are several park and recreation meetings in different cities that we would like for you to attend with us in order to help us in selling the BMX Park idea for Berkeley CA These cities are Albany, El Cerrito and Emeryville. The dates and times are below. Please attend these meetings with us because it will make a true impact on the effort of getting a BMX Park for Berkeley. There may be more dates to come and when we get that information we will also post it for you.

*Berkeley, CA
5:00pm - BMX Rally/Jam @ MLK park in Berkeley
7:00pm - June 29, 2009
North Berkeley
Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave

Albany, CA
7:00pm - July 8, 2009 Proposal Presentation
1249 Marin Ave.

El Cerrito, CA
7:00pm - August 26, 2009
10890 San Pable Ave.

Emeryvilly, CA
To be announced.
Civic Center - Council Chambers
1333 Park Avenue

Sunday, June 14, 2009

MIA Have you seen the Joke Man...he is missing in action, a Berkeley Resident that is a joke machine. He juts out his hip, flips out a hand and replies, "Ha-aaay."
This man always has a smile and does not beg for money but tells a joke for a fee or if he can make you laugh.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Checkout this 78 flyer from Hayward BMX Track back when bmx was just starting out, pictures will be coming soon. Jon Moohey came by headquarters Psykopath in Hayward Ca. about the new track in Hayward, he is also a member of the East Bay BMX Committe, which will helping with track Development for the Hayward Project. He Road with riders like the Patterson Brothers, Richie Anderson, Frank Post etc.. all the Nor Cal boys in Hayward which became legends in our sport. Hayward was a happen place to comeup as a young pro rider, now we have no trails no track, what happen? The East Bay BMX Committe is looking for a few good men and women to join our team please email me at artharo123@yahoo.com committe member. Spread the word about our jams for new BMX Parks in the East Bay for our young people. Peace

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tamer just sent us this flyer and it rocks check it out.

tamer youssef
graphic designer | illustrator | cartoonist tamerhops@yahoo.com | e-mail
Come out to the BMX Rally/Jam in Berkeley Ca

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KEVIN KALTENBACK, if you haven't heard of him you will very soon...Mark our word..

Whatz up psykos checkout are newest rider he's 21 from Maple hts,OH his name is kevin all his friends call him goonie.We would like to welcome him to are family and hope to see him for our Cali road trip coming up this summer for the new video.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Psykopath riders Visited Corey "Nasty" Nastasio's house this past weekend in Tehachapi, CA

Corey Nastasio is a Nut on and off his bike seriously, No jokes!

Heres a sneak preview of our new summer ride. Check us out in the next couple months. Were hitting up contests and shredding all summer long... Just a couple of our upcoming Psykopaths!
We also hit up Woodward west learning new tricks for next comp. From left to right. Derek Pereira, Anthony Renda, Anthony Renowitzky, Cj Arnold, Chris Savoy

Our Psykopath Street team came back from Corey comp this past weekend in Tehachapi, CA. Everyone had a blast 4rm the Woodward session with big named pros, like Ryan Nyquist just to put one out there. Yah it was amazing. To bad it rained friday and earily sat because the dirt jumps at woodward looked flawless. You have to see them in person to see their beauty. Thankfully the rain cleared and corey's jumps dried just in time for the Jam in his backyard later that day. It was a bit windy but most of the riders did'nt mind. Besides that i didnt see not one dissapointed face everyone had a fun time bbq'n and kicking back doing what they love to do and that is to ride bmx! Cheers and watch-out for more to come.
Throw those tricks you trick and get paid $20 per trick...

Here is the over the weekend news stuff, Psykopath street team took road trip to Woodward West in the new Psykopath Limo, with HBO, fullbar, etc...They also hung out with Cory "Nasty" Nastazio at his Cali Compound. Pic and full story soon..Also we need everybodies support for a legal skate park, trails, and a bmx track in Berkeley Ca..Word...check out the Jam flyer above its a rough draft, it looks like Alan Hudson as a cartoon, send in your Art work flyer for the new Psykopath Flyer contest and win $150 bucks keep them coming, its for a good cause let us ride our bikes legal.. HELP! BMX JAM at 5pm @ Martin Luther King Park On MLK Blvd and Center St in Berkeley. Meeting @ 7pm North Berkeley Senior Center 1901 Hearst Ave Berkeley Ca

Friday, June 5, 2009

Track in Berkeley East Bay BMX
We'll meet again on June 29, 2009 -7pm to present and further discuss Measure WW funding for project proposals. Come out and support the BMX Park proposal! Meeting Location:
North Berkeley
Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave
This would be a bmxers dream in berkeley.

Our Mission: East Bay BMX wants to work with the city of Berkeley, CA to develop a BMX track and BMX bowl for Bay Area youths and adults. This would also open up a great opportunity for the public to form a hybrid use of the open space located at Caesar Chavez Park. Racing BMX bikes gives the youth and their families an opportunity to compete in the world of cycling. The track would generate income for the city of Berkeley by bringing in racers and their families throughout the Bay Area to participate in the sport of BMX racing and BMX freestyle tricksters need their on venue because bikes and skateboarders don’t mix because of the sheer weight of bikes compared to boards.
In order to get this done East Bay BMX needs the support of the east bay community to come out to the Berkeley commission and city counsel meeting in June 29 to help support in getting this idea to become a reality. If you can't make the meeting in Berkeley and even if you can please fill out the Measure WW Form and email it back to the city. This will help tremendously in the possibility of getting the city to look at putting in a BMX Park in Berkeley. Tell as many people as you can to help in this effort. The more WW forms turned in the better.


please go to this website and fill out the forms.

Update Hayward Track is on the fast track HARD (Hayward Area Rec.Dept)is working hard to get this going soon, so the youth bmxers in the Hayward area will have a after school track to ride. Updates to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pro Rider Alan Hudson at Mid America Nationals Blue Springs, MO Blue Springs BMX, had a nice weekend. Next stop ABA First State Nationals Milford, Deleware for more East Coast racing. Pull you later...Photo by Mike Carruth, BMXNOW.COM.

Race Team Manager Nick Dawg and his girl Sabrina came down to Psykopath Headquarters to pick up the factory jerseys for the team. Be on the Look Out for a new street video from Nick Dawg himself doing 25 banging tricks for his 25th Birthday coming up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Frisco Jam! June 21st Dont miss out
Here are some pictures 4rm this past weekend @ the Warriors of Wood contest in San Jose Ca hosted by local bmx boss Ryan Nyquist. Our very own Nick Dawg was a judge for this event, I think the top three riders gave him a kick back of the prize money...just kidding...

Contest winners Anthony Napolitan TJ Ellis Michael "Hucker" Clark. Tj Took the first spot with the best run of the day but it was very close with Anthony Napolitan taking second and Hucher in the 3rd spot.

Anthony Napolitan won the best trick contest with a massive 360 triple whip!

This past weekend went well besides one of our riders Omar 'Endo' Romero taking a big spill hitting drop-in face first off the 20' Storage containers. I Talked to him after he got out of the hospital and he is in good spirits but he should be back riding after a couple of months of healing. I want to say thank you very much to Ryan Nyquist for putting everything together for this contest especially in his home turf of SJ and never forgetting his fans!