Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday, Riding to work I see the crazies things and talk to the stranges people, Psykopath Team will head to the Golden State Nationals in Prunedale, CA for the Elite Series. Pic and quote of the day:
The Wizard Man Harry Pothead from Berkeley said his got a pocketful of lead
Keep a clear eye and a steady head, Don't wait for Christmas 'cos it's bound to snow,
When they carry you out you're gonna have to go

Thursday, July 30, 2009

AR and the Life Goes On Foundation needs your support for youth programs.

Please come out & support Life Goes On Foundation on Tuesday, August 4th, at 7:30pm. We will be at 15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, CA 94580. Life Goes on Foundation (LGO) is a non political / non-profit organization working in the bay area community to help bring an end to gun violence amongst youth and to find funding for a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries. LGO needs your support because we will be running an after school program that will contain a BMX track & a Hand cycle program for the disabled. Before my own life changing tragedy happened, I loved riding BMX bikes, playing basketball, and other sports. My name is Arthur Renowitzky; I am the founder of Life Goes on Foundation, 501 c (3). We are very confident and excited that Life Goes On Foundation staff & volunteers can run this program for our youth. The final step is the meeting with the San Lorenzo School Board. Our after school program concept has already been passed through H.A.R.D. We need all the support we can get! We look forward to seeing you there!

Arthur Renowitzky

Founder, Life Goes on Foundation


Local Phone: 510-888-9890 or Toll Free: 877-630-5552


Social Networking:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This summer you can catch Nor Cal rider Tony Campos doing shows at the Great America theme park in Santa Clara Ca. Here he is at this year hell on wheels all suited up in white.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chris from First Rule sent us this video a week or two ago, its from the Bike Film Festival in San Francisco, this bike jump is pretty crazy, the whole night was pretty I must get back to work and send product to riders so they can have some crazy fun..bye

checkout this video clip!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cindy from Berkeley likes to ride bmx, and if you like to ride bmx here in the Berkeley area come out to the meeting this Monday. East Bay Bmx needs all riders.

The meeting for the Park and Rec. is this coming Monday July 27, 2009 at 1901 Hearst Avenue (at Martin Luther King Jr. Way) at 7:30 PM. To give you an update to what we have found out from the other cities that we have been in contact with in order to make this project a regional project. The current focus is to see this project become a new Joint Powers Authority Project like the Tom Bates sports field project..

At this time we hope the Park and Recreation commission will consider our effort as one that will be on the list for funding with the Measure WW Funds.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Elite rider Augusto Castro will be racing this weekend at the Worlds, Good Luck to the riders. This should be a great race with sooo much world talent in the Elite ranks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UCI BMX worlds report in Adelaide, Australia

Nick "Dawg" Valenica at the worlds USA, below is some words from Nick himself about the track. Good Luck Nick Dawg and team USA. Oh yeah who is the rider standing next to Nick? Your right answer in the commit section recieves a Psykopath DVD

From Aussie land haha. Practice went well today and I was actually kinda irked because after the deaths of many yesterday including myself they made the call to fill in the rhythm and shave down some of the high spots. Meaning i got broke off yesterday for no reason. grrrr. Did some helmet-camera filming for Avant Garde Intl and it was cool to see the footage when we got back to the apartment. Everyone was gettin through the rhythm without ridin the bull so that was good, I have everything fairly wired and my knee is swollen as all hell but its a little looser today than it was yesterday so thats looking like it should be ok. All my local boys were lookin good Matt Trujillo was sending the first straight like a G, and D'Zapo was getting around well on his 24" so hopefully those guys can get deep in the weekends events. Kory Cook is stil my main pic for the win in 17-24Men I gated with him today and he was all over the first straight shooting the jumps low and fast, so Im picking him to be in the main and go podium for sure. Korben Corbett is still on a hot hand and got things together today for sure. Brock Heffron owned me down the first straight this one lap so I had to lurk him in practice and get him back LOL Tim Daniels is still the nicest guy in BMX.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Olympian Elite rider Sergio Salazar giving his Psykopath ride a test

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This weekends video shoot was a huge sucess, the video location in Oakland was at a Park which quickly became full of local youths. More youths have lost there lifes to guns in the Bay Area than in the Iraq War this year. There is a War here in our community. Arthur Renowitzky has started a non-profit foundation to raise awareness against gun violence, and make a movement from his personal story. His music video and music is about not taking a young person's shine through gun violence. Arthur was one of the first riders for Psykopath and played many sports before a criminal shot him. Look out for AR's music video and his new motivation mixtape release. check AR @

Winner of this weekends scraper bike rider, Eric was throwing down with this piece of metal doing 360 on flat, psykopath will definitely hook this kid up with a street bike

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fumi our newest co-factory rider scored a second place at the Cali State Qualifier in Santa Clara, Ca. Fumi is a hardcore rider that breeds dogs in Oklahoma that is on a bmx road trip, she stopped by Psykopath HQ this week to pick up product for the Oklahoma locals, also she is raising the psykopath mascot, look for her at future nationals in the lady's class.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Need some riders on bmx and scraper bikes for Rap Video shoot this Saturday doing tricks. Above is AR and rapper Big Rich. So if you ever dreamed about riding a BMX bike in a Rap Music Video now is your chance to be a Star.
The location is 9700 Sunnyside Street, Oakland, CA 94603 @ 2pm

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you ever wanted to be in a Rap Music Video on a BMX bike, while now is your chance Local video shoot with Bay Area rappers, Bring those scaper bikes, and bmx bikes and throw those tricks, and maybe you may end up on a music video.

Local non-profit is shooting a video with/for AR with special guest San Quinn this coming Saturday (7/18) at 2PM.
The location is 9700 Sunnyside Street, Oakland, CA 94603.
The video is for the song dedicated to end gun violence in the Bay Area " Don't Take My Shine".
This is an unpaid opportunity to be the back drop during the dramatic finally to the song/video.

All are welcome.

The video/song is designed to promote peace!
We want you to attend our video shoot with PEACE in mind.
Feel free to email with any questions.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yesterday was the last jam @ Collins mini ramp here's a few pics i got. Check them out!
Lawrence Werrell busting a flair!
Joey Chernoff airing out and doing a Tech No-hander
Omar "Endo" Romero of Psykopath
Derrick Pereira of Psykopath whipping to tire tap.
Anthony Renda of Psykopath with a huge table.
Anthony Renda again!

Unfortunately last night was the last jam @ Collins warehouse in San Carlos. But the good news is it was a blast with alot of Psykopath riders throwing down some big tricks. Also some more good news... I heard First Rule is taking the ramp and using it for a skate park their putting together in Oakland, Thats my city and I'm excited and looking forward to ride it soon. Good shit Coit & Kweli! There was a lot of good riders out of the bay but im going to give it to Joey for taking the show! He was airing out of the mini ramp about 6 or 7 feet over the coping almost hitting the ceiling lights. The best trick was from Lawrence Werrell busting a flair with ease. Cant wait for this Saturday in frisco for the Bicycle Film Festival block party!
Hello everyone!

First Rule is hosting the Bicycle Film Festival Block party in San Francisco for the third year in a row. We got a city street to build ramps, bbq, and have some fun on our bicycles. Psykopath will sponsor this event so come out, it should be a rager.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bikes are beautiful, but bmx bikes are better. This was a pic I took this morning riding to Psykopath Headquarters and commuting on the bart train with my Psykopath street bike.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jon Mooney came by to show us his new Psykopath XL race ride. Pretty sweet looking ride.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is what Berkeley Bmxers had to ride on and session on before someone or some skater took it home. We need a legal place to ride.

East Bay BMX committe is back on the campaign for a BMX park in Berkeley.

We will be meeting with The City of Albany on July 9, 2009 at 7:00pm this Thursday at 1249 Marin Ave. - Albany, California 94706.

So far it looks like every city is on board except Albany. So if you can show up adn support this meeting this would be great. Also if you can get some more folks to show up that would be great also.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Factory Psykopath Team made the hot trip to Roseville Ca, for the Summer National, its a annual meeting in Nor Cal for old school past legends and new ones. There wasn't alot of motos, like past years where motos would reach close to 300, there were about 200, maybe the high gas prices and recession kept people home. It being a Pro Series brought out a lot of hungrey Pros trying to get a payday, with a stacked class in A Pro with over 40 riders. AA Pro had close to 30 riders and all three BMX Olympic Medal winners, in the Elite Mens,it was some good racing action. Below is Alan "Hotpants" Hudson, Mr. Carl Psykopath, and Jesse Langland. Alan got s thrid on Saturday in A Pro, missed the main event on Sunday. Mr. Psykopath moto filled the Vet Pro class, Jesse made semis both days in A Pro, he was looking very fast, training is paying off. Nick Dawg made the mains both days in his class, and it was good to see Psyko Chrisco race and makes mains in the old school crusier class.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Factory Team will be heading to Rosevile Californa, again for the Nor Cal ABA Pro Series this weekend. Below is a great pic by our Missing in Action Team Manager Arthuro (where are you bro we miss you), Alan Hudson, Terry T, and Damian Lopez put on their mental game before the big show Pro Main event in Reno NV 2006.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Check out last years Bike Film Festival Jam by First Rule, this year will be off the hook.

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