Friday, February 27, 2009

Neal Roy 21 years old from (Nor Cal)San Leandro, Cali a avid bmx rider over ten years. He was a national rider and a district champion, now rides street/park. He never thought in a million years his love for bikes would land him a job as Director of Mayhem at Psykopath Industries doing a job that he loves. He is currently managing the Psykopath Street team and he's working hard to make a new video happen. Remember Psykopath is only ran by riders and will always remain rider ran and own, So support the companies that support bmx, not Poser Companies.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Way before the International Olympic Committee put BMX on the map and started having time trail races Psykopath and a few homies started their backyard time trail race..Check it out.

Hey Everyone. It's that time of the year. First Rule is taking the streets yet again for one of the most anticipated street events of the year. San Diego is going to get shut down as riders hit spot after spot. Again Psykopath will be a major sponsor, First Rule events have been pretty dope and lots of fun, so come out and ride...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bars: Mcneil XTL with fly tubo grips
Forks: Colony MVP 2
Frame: psykopath street model
Cranks: Shadow conspiracy
Sprocket: Fit DL
Wheels: front We The People Supreme hub with animal rim
back Ratchet hub
Seat: Mc neil SL
Pedals: Glow in the dark I pedals
Check out Matt Jensen from Sunshine Coast.BC new bike.Matt is ripping up Canada and is working on a new video part. Check the snow all around, this rider is the real deal, so all you lazy people in placees with good riding weather stop playing video games and get out and ride!! Awake the Psykopath within and ride dummy.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check out Tony Favata aka nasty from Harrington, Delaware brand new Psykopath aluminum proXL 20" race bike S&m bars and Answer forks keep your eyes open to see him ripping up the track.His class is 19expert but soon plans to go pro and will also be sporting a new 2009 factory jersey soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 2009 Lake Perris Nationals was a mud fest we had some good laps but just missed the main. The days of rain before and during the race made the track a mud pit. Eventhough the weather wasn't the best are riders still went out their and put on some good races. Above is A pro Jesse Langland, pictures courtesy of BMX Mania.

The Sullivan girls from Portage, Indiana 11yrs old Gabrielle and 13yrs old Madolyn both will be riding Psykopath frames and jersey's for the 2009 season. Factory jerseys are in the works. Both will be hitting up ABA and NBL nationals.A shout out to Ryan Sullivan the girls team coach and father, so if you need a new Frame and your in Indiana hit him up he will be our new distributor in the Indiana area.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Check out the preview of the new 2009 factory jersey's all of the factory psykopath riders will be sporting them soon. We would like to give a big thanks to all of are cosponsors,Exodus,,,and The Other Bike Shop. And ckeck out Exodus are big new cosponsor Nick Valencia new project,
So keep a look out for the new bars and forks coming your way.And we would like to give a thanks to Hidden Bay Sports, they have ben making are jerseys for years so if you need jerseys they are the ones to call.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats up riders?! Just checking in to keep the blog full of the latest and greatest news of all things Psykopath affiliated. Look for the majority of the team to be out in full force at the ABA Lake Perris National this weekend... Mother nature is threatening with some rain showers but that wont stop our team from getting there and getting to work. Riders to show up are Jesse Langland/Kyle Zondervan in single A and Mr. Storms will be looking to get a little deeper into the AA mix and see if he can get some scores in. Nick Valencia is flying in from his Florida 2 week stint and will meet up with the guys early friday. He's focused on more long term goals but should be somewhat of a factor for making the 19-27X main. Perris is usually a dusty dry race but with the talk of rain on Friday anything can happen so keep an eye on the news section for updated pictures and information on how the team is doing. As always good luck to our riders and to everyone heading out enjoy the races and drive safely!