Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer is here, Ride your BMX!

Hey it’s Arturo with the latest and the greatest from our World Headquarters in Hayward, Ca. The Psykopath Family is growing worldwide, so if you see a Psykopath say what’s up...
It's hard to keep up with what everybody is doing, but we try! Here’s some news from just a little part of our Family.

This just in! Psykopath Industries will be sponsoring Vet Pro David “Wrayzor” Wray, he will be hitting National’s around the country!, for those that don’t know The Wrayzor, he is on a bike trip crossing the U.S.A. Coast to Coast, on his 20” BMX and writing book along the way! He will be doing clinics at some tracks or at the local trails around the country, we can only dream to just ride and ride and ride our BMX. So if you see him give him huge props! He can teach you to drop everything, and awake the Psykopath within, Wray! chase your dream brother, you only live once!.

Golden State Nationals saw Kyle “Z-man“Zondervan make both his mains in Super X, he was smooth and fast.
Our favorite Lady Patty “Missile” Metzger dominated her class both days, even scored a pic on!, we are all proud of her, she’s not only a great Racer she is also a great person to be around!, Patty you rock!, last but not least Ian Sorm came all the way from Northfield, Ohio to take 2 second in class on Sunday, Congratulations!

South Park Nationals is the race to be at in the East Coast. Hard Tech track with the most respectable Pro section in the country! , that’s why Diego “Señor Smoothie” Alejandre loves going to this race! He was flying! All weekend. He got a respectable 5th and since it rained out Sunday they duplicate results from Saturday! Diego’s training is paying off; look for Señor Smoothie to be a contender for the SuperX title!, Rookie Pro Alex Larson had some fast laps, hitting the pro section with style;I cannot forget to mention Emileig Larson, she grabed 3th spot both days she was going really fast!, good job Emileigh!.

Frank Hainsworth and Family Manages the East Coast Bike Shop Team and they are doing a awesome job, they got a great team together to hit up National’s in the East Coast, They even recruited Seventy four years young Phares Parsons from Georgia, that’s right 74 years old on a BMX bike racing nationals! So the next time you get lazy think about Phares “THE BMX IRONMAN”.. Here is a group pic of everybody! 1st row: Hunter Hainsworth(9 I)SC, Sean Kelly(7 I)NC,Jacob Solomon(10 N)SC, Nathan Tolley(13 I)SC, Dalton Pedota(13 I)Fla., Chris Dillon(12 I)Fla.,Kelsey Dillon(11 G)Fla., Frank Hainsworth,Sr.(56&over)SC, Stevie Ward(16X)SC, Dillon Bryant(16 I)SC, John Kelly(40 I)NC, Frankie Hainsworth,jr.(33 I)SC and Tracey Kelly(38G-cr)NC From all of us here at Psykopath keep up the good work.

Some of the Psykopath Pro’s in September will be racing a flats-only BMX race with a $30,000 purse. The popular Metro Jam will be run at the same time and is always a blast to attend, Tony Campos will be representing Psykopath in Street. With Jay Miron involved you know that track will be killer. With great cash prizes this should be an interesting race! So throw away your clip shoes and pedals, and buy some Psykopath Terry "T" pedals and ride like Mr. "T"! So just make sure you get your hands on one set before they are all gone!
If you want more info on them please email me at see ya at Roseville for the ABA Summer Nationals!
Arturo “B. Mad.” Jimenez