Saturday, August 31, 2013

Me and My Bike straight out of Kenya, help them get a track...

Kenya needs a BMX track, Olympic buzz has riders all over the world needing and wanting to compete.  .  Its better just to borrow a tractor/or get as many riders to start moving dirt manually and get it done, don't ask for permission, just find a piece of land that who ever owes or controls it will support it and start building.  Asking for help can be a waist of time, those that agree please drop some  knowledge to our in brothers in Kenya @  I like this rap song and video its flows, I just wish the song and video was longer...T-S-1 with Me and My Bike..

Psyko Ward is our Psykopath of the week... check out his flow, this guy can really rap way better than most bros from the hood..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Psykopath's Dream Team picked up some low digits numbers to sport next season..for now check out pics of Daniel and Dan

Psykopaths Daniel Leak catches air while the pack keeps it low.

TM/Elite rider Dan Hodges is the UK's Peoples Champ.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Vamp Life AR's new single is out.....Feat. Milla, Zyme, this video was one big party that continues...

Its good to be King  Hanging out with my two best ladies GeGe and Rosie is always fun.  They pull off a great look in AR's new video.check it out..Vamp Life goes on all night...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Post # 666 brings the Psykopath of the week which is Hyphdaddy

 So if you ever go to the ROC there is a Psykopath there very careful...everyone becomes a Psykopath in different ways..Hyphdaddy can be pretty scarey..he is our Psykopath of the week .but in every Psykopath there is some good.....when I get those feelings I do works
Hyphdaddy is from Rochester NY,  The Music Records/Gettosoundz Productions, and affiliation with Mastermind Entertainment, WMD and Qui. .

Monday, August 19, 2013

This years Factory Team was the smallest ever, but returned its best National and Regional Team Results ever!! TM/Elite rider Dan Hodge is a born Psykopath Leader!

So the regional series has Come to an end. The team have taken a well deserved 2nd place for their 1st year! A massive well done to you all, you have all rode your little hearts outs. Would also like to say thanks to those that have supported/ sponsored us this year. Tioga BMX, Dare Decals, Webbs of Warmley , radical vinyl designs and not forgetting all you mums and dads!! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

UK Factory Psykopath Team takes 4th overall for the National Factory Team...We are Proud to have great talent..You Rule!!!

Dan Hodge with his leadership skills have put together a top notch Factory Team that Awoke the Psykopaths Within the UK.  Here at Headquarters Psykopath we thank all the riders, parents, our sponsors, support freinds, other family members  and again our team leader Dan.  Below are two quotes from proud Psykopath parents that say it best how we feel about Dan and the Team.  You Rule and are all Rockstars!

Russ Leak Top result from a top team, we've beaten some long established teams with years of national experience under there belts, well done dan h

 Lauren Bax "Dan you is the man" !!! Kids and us parents have so enjoyed this year being apart of the Psyko team- you have been a inspiration,supporter ,coach ,and friend !!!! These great results are truly sick ( Alfie's input lol) lets hope for another great season in 2014 !!!! X x x