Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alan Hudsson becomes a freeagent our lost will be someones gain....

Who is Alan Hudson a Pro Boxer from the sixtys or a Pro Football Player from the seventies no he is a Pro bmx racer of today!!!! Alan Hudson has been with Psykopath for the last Seven years and we are sorry to say we will be parting ways .Everyone here at Psykopath wish you the best of luck in all that you do and thank you for the good run we had together. Alan in the video below was a new 17 year old pro with the best gates in the business that only wore jeans and a button shirts, so we knew we had to pick this kid up, he was and is a true Psykopath....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Nationals - PRO UCI Series at Metroplex BMX Desoto, TX was more like the WAR OF THE WORLD in Elite BMX racing, Olympic hopefuls from all over the world are chasing those very valuable UCI points. Nor Cal Bronze Baller DR takes the snap from the inside while Psykopaths Elite Alan Hudson snaps lane 8. Alan took a 4h on Friday and earned some UCI Points on Saturday.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr.T and the Cobra.Sounds like a movie title. Vet Pro Terry Tennete is the Pic of the week for


First annual Nor Cal Love series Final went down this weekend, for a good cause. When a bmx family member is in need some how we all pull together and help,and thats what happen, You can find out more at:

Last we heard our resident Pro Z Man was in tied for 4th and our Team was tied for
2nd. Full report later this week...

PRO AM.Best 2 scores:
1)Donny Robinson- 39
2)Riley Stair- 39
3)Bryce Betts- 36
4)Jake Peebles 35
5)Kyle Zondervan 35
6)Pete Pascual 34
7)Kevin Shankel 34
8)Rob Szilagyi 32

Re: Love Series standings
Team Challenge.Best 2 scores:
1) Vendetta----------40
2)Westside bmx----39
4)NV crush-----------36
6)Dirty 530-----------31
7)Fast Bikes---------28
8)Hooligans Racing-26
9)Hot Shot racing--26
10)Bandit racing---25