Monday, October 27, 2008

SF “Hell Wheels #4”
(Sunday Oct 26, 2008)

“Hell wheels 4” was a big success!!! There was a huge unexpected show up of riders that came from all over the state of California. The day couldn’t of been the nicest day 2 pick! The sun was out but it wasn’t too hot, the weather was soo perfect! It was a big party on wheels everyone was having fun and towards the end there was a couple drunken people on bikes stumbling around hahahaha.... The fest meet up at the clock tower off The Embarcadero where over a 1000 riders meet up. Than after that everyone rode 2 the first spot, It was crazy seeing so many riders mobbing through the streets of San Francisco cutting off traffic 4rm every direction. The looks of the peoples faces were priceless because they never seen so many BMX’ers on bikes! It was amazing. The first spot was a stair case where riders were putting it down from wall rides to several kinds of grinds. There was even a couple people whipping off the stairs. After that spot we rode to a huge double stair case with a really nice ledge. The cops showed up to this spot but they weren’t tripping off of us, they just didn’t want us to hang around in the streets blocking off the traffic that the riders were attracting with the huge tricks. The best trick of the day was at this spot where a guy 4fm LA wearing a paperboys t-shirt jumped off the whole stairs to flat bottom snapping his crank off and hurt his ankle. Than the mob of street riders went to the next spot of stairs next to a marry-go-round where we stupid security guards stopped our fun but I took the best pictures at this spot so it was worth it. Than we went to the next spot.... A vacant parking lot where there was a couple of banks to wall rides. I also have a lot of good pictures of people hitting the wall. There was also a cement jump that you had to jump over a fence! Riders were going everywhere. After one rider went another rider was going for the wall again. There was a couple of crashes because people weren’t looking before they went for the jump. We were there for over a half hour than the cops came and kicked us out of the vacant parking! The stupid SF cops should go take care of crime not stop a bunch of people riding bikes! After we were rudely interrupted the mob rode to the next spot, which was built for skaters behind some warehouses. It was nice there was some things to grind and hop on and off but since there were so many riders it was hard to find a good line. There was also a mini quarter pipe that riders were busting huge tricks making a good show for the on-lookers. After about an hour or more of riding at this spot people were getting a lil drunk but it was funny! Than the awards were passed off to the riders that were putting down the best tricks of the day. Also there was a lot of shirts and bike parts being thrown into the crowd of BMX’ers! The whole day was fun with all the riders and tricks, especially with the beautiful weather. Everything went very smooth and thank God nobody got hurt besides the little scrapes and bruises but that comes with the sport. Ride or die! Here are some pictures that I took! Hopefully the next one is ganna come really soon cause I am looking forward to it! Thanks to ‘First Rule’ for setting everything up.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Psykopath's east coast riders

Top: Diego Alejandre (A Pro)
Current Diego Alejandre is training hard for next season as well as being a full time college student. A pros watch out for this upcoming Psykopath rider.

Cameron "Bubbarock" White (12x)
Psykopath's 12x rider Cameron White is currently standing in 9th in NAG points. He is a three time Florida State champion. Two time Redline cup champion and three time dictrict #1 champion.
Psykopath Industries factory team in Flordia is looking excellent for next year. Team manager Mike White is putting together the first team sheet of the year. He put together a hand full of riders that have alot of potential. They should be taking home a few Disney Cups this year!

Thursday, October 9, 2008



Need space for the new frames for upcoming 2009!!!!!!!!!!

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Perfect time 4 the upcomming Holidays!

Thanks 4 looking, Psykopath Industries

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Z-man handles business. Long weekend of racing and we just wrapped it all up. Kyle Zondervan was down in Lancaster working the BMX hustle and takin names. Tons of rain on saturday had things looking shady and Kyle wasnt a mudder at all so no main event Saturday. But as the Sun would shine on Sunday morning Kyle would put together a few hot laps and make a welle deserved and tough A-pro main. Things didnt go so well in the 3 main ABA system for Kyle but he has served notice that with a little more work he can be a contender for the podium. Look for big things from Z-man as the grands inches closer and closer. Congrats on a solid ride this weekend Kyle from all of us here at Psykopath. Pics by Nick

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Viva La Interbike!

Psykopath crew member Nick Valencia was our lone representative at this years Interbike festivities and had a few good things to mention. Apparently White is the new Black in the BMX market so expect to see plenty of color options in 2009 along with more white shades than you can shake a stick at. As far as race innovations or anything crazy prototype, unfortunately there wasnt much to report on. Macneil and Jay Miron debuted samples of a cro-mo race frame that looked really dialed (pic below) and Nick spoke with Jay and apparently hes looking to do a full race series this year working with Tom Ritz the master builder and keeping the flat pedal thing alive. Good stuff indeed, look for Macneil to also pick up a known pro in the near future. Nick said his guess would be someone Canadian so start speculating now... Rumor at interbike was that Joey Licata is looking to sell Answer? Thats unconfirmed so dont run and set the internet message boards on fire, Nick tried to talk to Mr Licata but he was busy busy busy. He did touch base with Eric who controls the Drive brand which is under the Answer name and Drive has some cool stuff coming through in 09' so check for that stuff. The freestyle side of the show was and is always evolving to make things lighter and push the envelope about whats possible. Nick said he knew something was odd when Premium drops a park frame that is lighter than most of the aluminum race frames on the market... Race designers need to get out of the routine and see what technology is available or its going to be tough to make those Xmas sales when all we have is new grpahics on the same ol stuff. Nora Cup was the place to be if you missed it then you had better have been hitting a jackpot on a slot machine... Steven Murray himself presented the #1 dirt jumper award to none other than Cory Bohan who is an MTV staple these days... Gary Ellis was on stage and slightly drunk you might add " I just want everyone to know racing started all this shit!" was shouted many a times in his presen tation of #1 racer which went to Olympic Silver Medalist Mikey Day. Open bar and about 1000 BMX riders always makes for some fun. Cru Jones himself aka Bill Allen was also on hand to celebrate and Nick quickly snagged him for a once in a lifetime picture opportunity. Look for Cru to be rocking Psykopath Tees in the near future as we had to hook him up and get him the newest tees which are currently in stock and available through the online store. Get em quick before we run out! Nick was hanging out and had a few meetings with select companies so be on the lookout for a slightly lighter 2009 frame on the race side we are looking to shave a few ounces here and there and release the newest version in November/December. New jerseys are in the works as well and a partnership with Nicks side project Exodus should have our Factory riders set up with some nice front ends in the very near future, keep your eyes peeled. Also in the newest of news Psykopath has picked up rookie A pro Jayson "J-Fil" Filingeri and youll see him aboard the cro-mo race frame at Lancaster along with team rider Kyle Zondervan both looking to make some mains and earn some cash. Good luck to both those guys and watch for them to make some moves and take their psykopath colors to some wins and podium finishes. Enjoy a few pics below from interbike and check the olympic rides of de wilde and day both were on display at interbike. Over and out hope everyone is training for ABA Grands its just around the corner...