Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Xmass Psykopath's!!!

From all of us here at Psykopath Family we wish you a merry X-mass and a happy New year!

Our Super fast Argentinian import Damian Lopez is having a X-Mas Vacation at his Hometown Mendoza(Argentina). You know Visiting friends and family is what we do during this holiday season.
So Damian and his Brothers Gustavo and Dario, Decided do a little road trip outside Argentina and went to to the South American version of the Xmas Classic an International race held in Santiago, Chile and they rocked the competition!,( i been in Chile myself and let me tell you ,they have amazing tracks in that part of the world. They build Gnarly pro sections!!With 40 foot doubles, and put cars between the gaps(for fun, not for the race!) All 3 lopez brothers made the mains, Damian got 2nd, Dario got 5Th, and Gustavo had some bad luck fighting for the front spots and ended in 8Th! So in the end they had a lot of fun sold some frames, made some main event cash, and bonded as bmx brothers do. Gustavo and Damian were both signed to psykopath over 3 years ago, and both still have the passion to ride hard on their psykopath frames. Damian is fighting for a spot on the Argentinian Olympic team in 08, he is livin the dream..,but dreams do come true if you work hard like Damian..Good Luck Bro.. New Team Manager/Rider for Psykopath Chile, is Elite Pro Miguel (Chure) YaƱez, he is basically the Todd Lyons of Chile!, So Miguel will be Managing a small group of Elite riders with a quest to have a Olympic team in 08. He will distribute Psykopath frames and be the new brand manager in Chile!, If you need a Psykopath frame you can contact him at and if you need to contact us you can e mail us at seeya at the track!. ARTURO.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Colton Satterfield teaser Video

I know i say it a lot! but man Colton is Awesome!, oh you don't think so??? take a look at this, and tell me he's not good! Arturo

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas Shipping nightmares and old school pics!

Ok im done with the Xmas shipping (i was having nightmares about this) so if you didn't order your frame until yesterday, you are not gonna see it for Xmas!.
So i was checking one of our old computers(we are about to upgrade for Xmas) so i found that you might find intersting!

The first one is no other than the owner of Psykopath Industries Carl Renowitzky, Back in the day!with the # 18, he was in a cool Team wich used to send him to a lot Nationals (i hope i dont get in trouble for this!)

Next is a Logo that Vans made for Terry Tenette, back in the day, they made t-shirts and stickers with his logo! How many of you have this mh????


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So the other day i was dealing with some "Crazy animal with rabies Issues" in the warehouse(dont ask) and i got a call from Zack Held, man if you ever seen zack ride you know that he can flow so i remembered a video teaser he used to have so i found it for you guys!.
By the way dont ask me were are this trails couse it's a SECRET!, but you can e mail us at, later!Arturo.

Monday, December 10, 2007


When I heard about The Samurai Project, crazy ideas cross my mind, but reality is that these guys are pretty cool and they will be riding Psykopath for the 08 season!

Eric Boyer is the owner and racer of 'The Samurai Project’ he’s a old school rider that just loves to ride a BMX bike. All the team spend as much time volunteering, raising money for various causes, donating helmets to tracks that are struggling with participation, and Instructing kids for free at our Free rider clinics as they have fun and kicking but at the track or trails. Just to give you an idea of they did in 2007:
They donated a total of $3,000 to local tracks, 12 helmets to beginners that couldn't afford helmets of their own, and ran 2 Free rider clinics along with earning 5 #1 state plates, 2 National numbers, and one participant to the Worlds. As you can see they care very deeply for our sport and feel its important to give back to a sport that has have given us so much over the years.

They will be looking to doubling they’re efforts from last year along with more rider clinics and a few trail jams as well to go along with they’re already hectic race schedule. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tony Campos at the Icerair comp in San Francisco. Tony also performed in the Vert demo as well. Photo by Dennis Dowling at

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Race Report!

The Psykovan celebrated its 100 thousand miles of travelling to and from races. Most recently, the van made 2 trips to So Cal and one to Vegas.First it was the Redline cup finals west and then the ABA SoCal Nationals and finally to Vegas for the UCI North American Qualifier. These races were awesome,The Redline Cup held in Ontario had a pretty cool pro section, this was a killer track our Pros had a lot of fun!,Patty Metzger got another # 1 plate to her collection and the Psykopath pros ruled the Redline Cup Saturday, the podium was filled with our riders. Alan Hudson won 1st place Saturday (Alan will be turning AApro real soon), Jesse Langland got a third on Saturday, he got his first pro win on Sunday. Congratulations!, Jesse's hard work is paying off! Evan Steinberg was Mr. Consistency, he grabbed 2 second places throughout the weekend, look for Evan to be a real treat in pro ranks next season.Now that Evan will be living in Arizona he should have good training buddies. Congratulations all our Team Members who Won at the Redline cup! Next we headed to San Bernardino, home of the Orange Show BMX. A smooth track as usual, volunteers did a great job! Everyone loved the track!We saw plenty of action!Omar Sawyer has been on fire lately and he proved it.Wining one of the pro mains.Watch out for Omar he’s on a mission! Jesse was present after his first pro win, he was looking to repeat his performance again.But, on Sunday he ended up with a fourth and a second.
Our Argentinian import Damian Lopez had a good weekend grabbing 2 seconds and a third. Overall the Team rocked the house!Next stop was UCI Boulder City, One of the Best Track's,Elite World #7 Agusto Castro made the trip all the way from Bogota, Columbia,Agusto had some fast laps but could not make the main. Argentinian Elite rider Damian Lopez was also there and came up short in making the mains.Elite women's Pro Erika Short was seen leading motos all weekend,She ended up with a top main event finish on Saturday and a slip in a semi on Sunday which kept her out of the main event. However in Elite Women's Open Class she took first place. Jesse Lanagland moved up from Junior to Elite Men and seemed comfortable in his new class. However he was able to make an Elite open main event. Carl Renowitzky had some Vegas luck and was able to make the Elite Open on Sunday.The hightlight of the weekend was Alan Hudson. Alan won both days in Elite Open and at the last minute Psykopath's team manager bought him a UCI license and signed him up and Alan almost made the UCI main that day. Alan scored a very important UCi point for TEAM USA. Amateur highlights were litte Mike Anderson Jr who scored a pair of seconds. Anthony Renowitzky took first place in his class on Sunday.Dani Blackmore was out front all weekend and the rest of the amateur crew for the most part made their mains and had a great weekend of racing.I would like to thank our sponsors: Menace Apparel,, and the Funky Monkey Bar and Grill.Don’t forget to check out our newly updated website! You can also now purchase items from our online store through our website. If you need any info drop us a line at See ya at the races.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Have you ever heard people saying that "back in the day" Contest's used to be so laid back and fun???, this is before big sponsors and tv involved, so the guys at First Rule started "HELL ON WHEELS" 3 years ago, to bring Back the fun of the contest's, the contest basically is a street jam were you'll be hitting spots in San Francisco!, the contest moves from place to place, once we get kicked out of a spot, we move to the next spot, This event is inspired by the movie The Warriors and you will be required to dress like the characters!, (its the day before halloween! ) for more info just log on , the whole Psykopath Crew will be there including Carl and Arturo!, who will be filming the event. So you street riders that want to ride the city with a mob of 200+ riders stopping traffic and raising hell, be there it only happens once a year. The after party is a blast as well!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well i crashed in the Redline cup and this is the result!

So i'll be out a few Nationals! but in the good side i can still play Xbox!


Monday, October 1, 2007



Hey it’s Arturo again with the race report.

August 31st the Psykopath Van headed for Reno NV for the Black Jack Nationals. What a trip it was, as soon as we arrived in Reno we stopped at a gas station and I put a quarter in the slot machine for kicks, then some lights and bells went off!!.., I had just Won $100.00 bucks right then I knew psykopath was going to have a great weekend, dinner was on me tonight. Alan Hudson is so close to making AApro that he can taste it!, he won the pre race and got 5th on Saturday and a crash on Sunday, watch for to be your newest AApro in no time. Evan Steinberg made the mains both days and grabbed another podium on Saturday, he is training hard and going really fast which should give him many podium finishes to come. Nor Cal Local Pro Omar Sawyer was looking really fast, his time off as a school teacher has given him time to ride more this summer, he made his main on Sunday, it was great to see him back in action. After almost claiming last years NBL Masters Title, Mister "T" broke his ankle and was out injured most of the year, Terry Tenntte looked to be all healed up making both mains in the superfast Vet Pro class. Terry T has a new training program and for the first time in his career clipped in! Yeah! No typo here, Terry just clipped in, so watch for Terry in future races he’ll be up front!
Next Race we headed for the Supercross UCI race in beautiful Salt Lake City in Utah, Sergio Smooth “Salazar, Augusto “El Conquistador “Castro, Damian “Dynamite “Lopez Jesse “Hollywood” Langland, and Nick “Dawg “Valencia, were all ready for the Supercross Track and they all looked locked and loaded!, when the time trails finished the difference of making the final 64 cut was only 1 second between the riders! So when the time trails ended we had 3 out of 5 of our riders in!. Too bad the race was cancelled due to rain, it would of been interesting to see all these super fast guys from all over the world mix it up with all our riders!.
If you need more info just drop me a line at seeya at the races!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Utah Uci Supercross

Today we are leaving for the UCI SUPERCROSS ,if you dont know what is this, the easiest way to explain is Bmx racing on steroids!, massive jumps, berm jumps and a monster 5 story high gate start, here's this year design:

So wish good luck to Damian Lopez, Augusto Castro, Sergio salazar, Jesse Langland, and Nick Valencia, wich will be one of the few amateurs in the competition, pictures and the race report when we come back! seeya at the races!.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colton Satterfield

Colton Satterfield, Colton is what every kid wishes to be, a bmx pro with skills for dirt, street, and ramps, if you never seen Colton ride please go to here and you will understand what im saying! Colton you rule bro!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My friend Chris Morgan got one of the first Limited Edition Yellow frames and let me tell you , they look awesome!, get one before the are all gonne!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey it’s Arturo again with our newest adventure.
The PsykoVan Headed to the ABA Mile High National, in Dacono Colorado , almost a 20 hour Road Trip each way!!! Once we got there, it rained every night but the Dacono crew did a great job keeping the track as smooth as possible.
We brought a small group of our Factory Psykopath rider’s to Colorado, but we sure made our presence and rocked the house, The Highlight of the weekend was super fast Alan “Hot pants” Hudson, who won both days in A PRO, Alan upcliped a few times and had to come from behind in a couple of laps (damn clips!)!, this 2 victories puts him closer and closer to the AA PRO Class.
A Pro Jesse “ Hollywood “ Langland got a 5th on Friday but no luck the rest of the weekend, he’ll be back!, Nick Valencia got a 2nd and a 1th in cruiser, he was looking smooth as ever, I guess those sprints are paying off!, speaking of cruiser our rider from Nebraska Adam Donnor got 2 solid seconds on 26-30 cruiser this should put him close to a NAG #, good job Adam!!
So catch us at all ABA, NBL Nationals UCI races and any backyard jam out there. Visit our booth and check out our fast frames and pedals, and maybe pick up a sticker or two, seeya at the races!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Psykopath Industries will wear Menace Apparel

We would like to welcome our newest Co-Sponsor they are MENACE APPAREL, if you haven't heard from them they have the coolest gear for you check them at Our Pros should be wearing all the gear by Menace, if you are going to Redline Final's in Ontario they will have a boot with all they're products an will be raffling a bunch of products, so now you know, support those who support our sport, seeya at the races.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Psykopath Industries at the UCI Worlds

Hey it’s Arturo from Psykopath World headquarters with the UCI World Championships Race Report.
A Reduced group of our factory riders: Jr Woman/Erika Short, Elite Men/Augusto Castro, Elite Men/Sergio Salazar, 17-24 Challenger class/Nick Valencia, and Jr men/Jessie “ Hollywood “ Langland headed for the UCI World Championships in Victoria, Canada. A small group, but a lot of talent between them all!!
The track looked awesome, tall and big jumps, smooth and fast surface, stacked motos with fast riders from all parts of the world equals some good hot action racing!!
Augusto has been looking good and going super fast lately. He made the mains in the always super hard Elite Men's class that had the fastest riders in the world and took home the World #7 for the year; A few weeks earlier Augusto got 4th in the main at the Pan American Games in Rio Janeiro Brazil, Look for Augusto at most UCI races in 08.
Sergio made the Elite Men Cruiser main and will be running a World #6 in 08 and was also looking super fast all week he made it very far in 20" but a little bit of bad luck kept him from making the Semi's;
Nick Valencia went to the Worlds after wining his Cruiser Main in ABA Las Vegas national , he raced 17-24 challenge class; making the main out of 126 people!
That’s a lot of riders that had to end up watching the main!! Nick was banging bars down the first straight and got bumped to the back of the fast pack of riders, in a competition that is one lap no crap, one little mistake and you’ll pay!
Nick will be running a World # 8 for a year, Not bad for a guy that makes his extra cash by competing in Street contests and got the racing bug last year. Look for Nick in 08 to make his Pro Debut, so i guess he will have to start training and hitting the weights!!
Erika and Jessie had some good laps but couldn't make the main.
At the end we got 3 World titles out of 5 Psykopath riders.
We are really proud of all of them and from all of us at Psykopath Industries World headquarters we congratulate all our Riders!
Our next race should be The ABA Mile High Nationals at Dacono, Colorado, and if you see our PSYKOVAN drop by so you can pick a DVD and check our full line of Pull Aluminum frames! Now in limited edition yellow, for more info email us at, check this future add of nick,cool uh? seeya at the races

Friday, August 3, 2007

Tony and Colton, what a summer!!!

Wow it's been a really busy summer here at Psykopath, but none of us it's been more busy than Tony Campos, He's been in all the stops of the DEW TOUR, and he just got back from the SOUL BOWL, and right now he's at the X GAMES!, so from all of us at the office we want to wish Tony good luck at the X games!Speaking of busy , i can't forget about Colton Satterfield that it's been getting a lot of atencion lately go to he's in the second pic in blue shirt! yeah!oh, and while he was at Travis Pastrana Compound(yes he's a baller!and yes we are jelous) he was trying triple backflips on the foam pit just for fun , oh you dont belive me here's proof there! Colton you are bad ass!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Psykopath Van headed to the Great Salt Lake Nationals for some hot action racing, and it was really hot! Danni Blackmore crashed and knock herself out, and got a concussion so doctors advice against racing on Sunday, too bad because 2 weeks ago she doubled in Santa Barbara, Hope you are better Danni!, smooth as usual Nick Valencia got 2 seconds in Cruiser, with no luck in class on Sunday not without throwing some stile at his last race, Saturday saw all the Psykopath Pros make there mains with Jesse “Hollywood” Langland and Evan Steinberg was flying all weekend on their new Psykopath pull frames. Ericka Short was on a mission with her brand new 07 Pull Frame that she put together a hour before the race with the help of new team manager Arturo, who gave up his own frame for the team and ended up borrowing other peoples bikes all weekend (what a Trooper!!), she grabbed a pair of second places both days. Ericka showed everybody that she can win Elite woman, but she had to settle with a second for the day again, I guess training is paying off, and she did it with a broken foot/toe!, she never even got out of the injury list!, Saturday Super fast Argentinian Damian Lopez make his main in which he ended up crashing on stumpy on the first turn and end up hurting his leg on the process wich put him out for rest of the week, the highlight of the weekend was Evan Steinberg who was going super fast all weekend and on Sunday he finish first! With a stacked main with names like Sowers, Garcia, Anderson, believe me, it was no easy task, and from all of us at Psykopath we congratulate you on your first win Evan!
Our next National will be in The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, this will be the return to the tracks of Alan " Hot Pants " Hudson, A pro is getting more and more exiting to watch, it will be interesting to see Alan and Evan race each other !. Most of the West coast team will be there, drop by, so you can see our 07 Pull frame, light and fast and ready to Race, for more information you can e-mailed us at mailto: seeya at the races!.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony Campos in the Dew Tour!!

Dan at DTMphotography send us some of his pictures, check Tony ripping at the Dew tour! he's competing in Vert, Dirt, and Park!, man this kid is awesome!, thanks Dan!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Alan " HOT PANTS " Hudson

We all know how fast Alan can go! so when he crashes, he goes down hard!, Thats what happen to him in New Mexico, so now he's sitting at home injured! but he should be back for Las Vegas Nationals! From all of us here at the PSYKOPATH WORLD HEADQUARTERS, we wish you a fast recovery Alan!take care buddy!.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who is Tony Campos?

Oh! you dont know Tony?, well once you get out under the rock you been living in, go to his myspace maybe, just maybe you'll find out who he is, if you wanna see him in action, all you have to do is tune in to this year's DEW TOUR, he'll compete on DIRT, STREET, and VERT!, yes! all 3 events!, can you say Bad Ass!"THATS TONY CAMPOS"

Damian's new Ride!!

Fresh from the painter we took a few frames to Prunedale and our super fast AA Pro Damian Lopez got one in black and just send us a pic, looks SICK!! CHECK THE NEW PSYKOPATH PEDALS!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hey it's Arturo here at the PSykopath Industries World Headquarters with the Race Report.
Month of May is almost over and so far the Team has been really Busy.
First of all, our Super Fast Colombian's have been racing all the UCI events they could, and Augusto Castro is sitting 3rd in the UCI world ranking behind Donny Robinson and Mike Day!, he’s also leading the South American Ranking, Sergio “Smooth” Salazar has been flying lately and he’s sitting on 5th position on UCI Latin America.
Our East Coast Team is small but is growing every National, the Factory Team consists of: Chelsea Led 8Girls, Mazin Shehayeb 7X, Cameron White 10X, Fred Vielhauer 31-35 cruiser Frankling Hainsworth 51-55 cruiser, they are a small group but they still had a great weekend at the ABA Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs , GA , all of them make their mains and the team got a 5th and a 4th for the overall Team Points.
Nor Cal Nationals in Oak Creek Bmx saw Damian Lopez flying on the track so he got a second in Open but no luck in class, Ericka Short got a 3rd an a 4th in the super hard Girls pro class, Alan " Hot Pants" Hudson got a 5th on A-pro and expert Nick Valencia grabbed a 2nd in 19-27 Expert and a 3rd in cruiser, Patty Metzger also grabbed 2nd Both days in Class and a 4th on cruiser.
So the following weekend was NBL Golden State Nationals, in Prunedale Ca. and we had a special guest Augusto Castro, and coming fresh from a 24 hour trip from Columbia, he managed to make both Open Mains, Ericka Short gave Amanda Geving a run for her money, but she had to settle for second both days, give her time and she should be on top at every race!, Alan " Hot Pants" Hudson had a solid weekend with a 3rd and a 4th in the Super-X Class, Nick Valencia crashed in his main on Sunday, but came back with a 3rd on Sunday, but the highlight of the weekend was Patty Metzger, she Killed it! She won both days, congratulations to her!.
ABA New Mexico saw just a couple of our Team!, well Alan " Hot Pants " Hudson, Won the Pre race, got thirth on Saturday and Hurt himself in the main on Sunday! We wish you fast recovery man!.
Last but not least, we just got Our Pull frames in every size and color to satisfy all the psykopath’s out there for more info just drop a line at, see you at the races.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Psykopath in Thailand

Psykopath products are now being sold at Roll Ya bike shop in Bangkok, Thai

land. Check out Roll Ya to see what they're all about.

Friday, May 18, 2007

British Nationals: Andy and Dan

hey guys andy and dan here psykopath uk!

jus thought I give u a report from the 1st weekend of the british national series and it kicked off with a double header. sunday morning came and didnt look like it was going to be a very nice start to the season with hazey rain and dark clouds it looked like we were in for a rainy day but thankfully clouds parted almost on que for the 1st motos to start. 39 riders we had in our group so 1/4 we had for the 1st time ever so had to step up our game, our motos were up next and you could tell the butterflys were upon us. in dan's moto's he got a 5th, 5th and a 3rd and andy got a 5th and 2 4th's so both through to the 1/4's dan was unlucky not 2 get through in his 1/4 with a 5th, andy managed 2 win his 1/4. semi time and andy again pulled out the gate to take the win. final time and andy had a good inside gate and pull a good result with a 5th. monday and not a very nice day at all with RAIN, not what we like but gotta do what ya can dan and andy both got through to the 1/4s today with good results in the motos dan got a 3rd in his 1/4 and andy also with a 3rd. semi's and andy had a bit of bad luck with a rider falling along side taking him with him. dan also didn't have a good semi either with a 6th place so b finals for both of us today. in the final dan had a stormer of a gate and it took him to a good 3rd place finish with andy behind him in 4th.

next round 2 weeks bournmouth.

andy and dan

Check out our Media page for pics of the race!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Help Endo

Hey Guys

One of our bro's went down hard recently and need your support. As a sponser/ friend, I have got to know Omar "Endo" Romero in the last fews years as a great person that would go out on a limb and help a fellow riders with there bike and anything that anyone ever needed. When I first sponser him he was a street rider and throughtout the years he has become a professional contest rider and was recently in April's issue of BMX Plus pooling the biggest front flip you have ever seen. where he pulled 5th in pro class at the ramp rats fall classic. Omar "Endo" Romero is always down for a occasional road trip and has raced at state, national, also attempted to particapte in the uci supercross race in San Jose, Ca. which he did not qualifying but was brave enough to make an attempt, all this just for the fun of it. He would be the kid wearing a skate helmet jumping all the big doubles in front of him.

Lets support Omar "Endo" Romero by donating $10 or more, whoever donates will get a 07 Psykopath DVD which features Omar "Endo" Romero running hard, and doing what he does best.

All proceeds will go toward Omar "Endo" Romero for his medical bills.

Who ever donates the most money will get a free psykopath frame of there choice.

Carl Renowitzky
Psykopath Industries

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Psykopath Limo: Face Lift

Carl hired artist James Wolfman to paint the Psykopath Limo recently. Everyone at Psykopath is stoked on the paint. Enjoy.


Tue, 05/01/2007 - 8:14pm — Chris McMahon

In case you already forgot, I mentioned the other day that Endo1 was badly injured at Hayward on Friday. Although Daniel Porter made aware of the damages done2 the other night, I was not aware of just how much his surgeries would cost. The amount is very high; probably more than some of us on here will ever make in a year, if what I've been told is correct. For that reason, Nick Valencia, with the help of Knight, Psykopath, and New Era have set up a PayPal account for donations to Endo, which you can access here. All of the aforementioned companies are ready and willing to give out product; Psykopath is throwing down an '07 frame for whoever donates the most, as well as a DVD for anyone who donates more than ten dollars. If you have any questions about sending donations or about Endo's condition, send an email to Nick Valencia at

1Omar Romero, to those of you that haven't met him.2I've been told to not say what the injuries are, for personal reasons; that's not to say that they aren't bad, though. It's far worse than what most of us have been through, and this is coming from a guy who's snapped his arm in half and has knocked out his teeth on two separate occasions.

Monday, April 30, 2007