Saturday, October 27, 2007

Race Report!

The Psykovan celebrated its 100 thousand miles of travelling to and from races. Most recently, the van made 2 trips to So Cal and one to Vegas.First it was the Redline cup finals west and then the ABA SoCal Nationals and finally to Vegas for the UCI North American Qualifier. These races were awesome,The Redline Cup held in Ontario had a pretty cool pro section, this was a killer track our Pros had a lot of fun!,Patty Metzger got another # 1 plate to her collection and the Psykopath pros ruled the Redline Cup Saturday, the podium was filled with our riders. Alan Hudson won 1st place Saturday (Alan will be turning AApro real soon), Jesse Langland got a third on Saturday, he got his first pro win on Sunday. Congratulations!, Jesse's hard work is paying off! Evan Steinberg was Mr. Consistency, he grabbed 2 second places throughout the weekend, look for Evan to be a real treat in pro ranks next season.Now that Evan will be living in Arizona he should have good training buddies. Congratulations all our Team Members who Won at the Redline cup! Next we headed to San Bernardino, home of the Orange Show BMX. A smooth track as usual, volunteers did a great job! Everyone loved the track!We saw plenty of action!Omar Sawyer has been on fire lately and he proved it.Wining one of the pro mains.Watch out for Omar he’s on a mission! Jesse was present after his first pro win, he was looking to repeat his performance again.But, on Sunday he ended up with a fourth and a second.
Our Argentinian import Damian Lopez had a good weekend grabbing 2 seconds and a third. Overall the Team rocked the house!Next stop was UCI Boulder City, One of the Best Track's,Elite World #7 Agusto Castro made the trip all the way from Bogota, Columbia,Agusto had some fast laps but could not make the main. Argentinian Elite rider Damian Lopez was also there and came up short in making the mains.Elite women's Pro Erika Short was seen leading motos all weekend,She ended up with a top main event finish on Saturday and a slip in a semi on Sunday which kept her out of the main event. However in Elite Women's Open Class she took first place. Jesse Lanagland moved up from Junior to Elite Men and seemed comfortable in his new class. However he was able to make an Elite open main event. Carl Renowitzky had some Vegas luck and was able to make the Elite Open on Sunday.The hightlight of the weekend was Alan Hudson. Alan won both days in Elite Open and at the last minute Psykopath's team manager bought him a UCI license and signed him up and Alan almost made the UCI main that day. Alan scored a very important UCi point for TEAM USA. Amateur highlights were litte Mike Anderson Jr who scored a pair of seconds. Anthony Renowitzky took first place in his class on Sunday.Dani Blackmore was out front all weekend and the rest of the amateur crew for the most part made their mains and had a great weekend of racing.I would like to thank our sponsors: Menace Apparel,, and the Funky Monkey Bar and Grill.Don’t forget to check out our newly updated website! You can also now purchase items from our online store through our website. If you need any info drop us a line at See ya at the races.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Have you ever heard people saying that "back in the day" Contest's used to be so laid back and fun???, this is before big sponsors and tv involved, so the guys at First Rule started "HELL ON WHEELS" 3 years ago, to bring Back the fun of the contest's, the contest basically is a street jam were you'll be hitting spots in San Francisco!, the contest moves from place to place, once we get kicked out of a spot, we move to the next spot, This event is inspired by the movie The Warriors and you will be required to dress like the characters!, (its the day before halloween! ) for more info just log on , the whole Psykopath Crew will be there including Carl and Arturo!, who will be filming the event. So you street riders that want to ride the city with a mob of 200+ riders stopping traffic and raising hell, be there it only happens once a year. The after party is a blast as well!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well i crashed in the Redline cup and this is the result!

So i'll be out a few Nationals! but in the good side i can still play Xbox!


Monday, October 1, 2007



Hey it’s Arturo again with the race report.

August 31st the Psykopath Van headed for Reno NV for the Black Jack Nationals. What a trip it was, as soon as we arrived in Reno we stopped at a gas station and I put a quarter in the slot machine for kicks, then some lights and bells went off!!.., I had just Won $100.00 bucks right then I knew psykopath was going to have a great weekend, dinner was on me tonight. Alan Hudson is so close to making AApro that he can taste it!, he won the pre race and got 5th on Saturday and a crash on Sunday, watch for to be your newest AApro in no time. Evan Steinberg made the mains both days and grabbed another podium on Saturday, he is training hard and going really fast which should give him many podium finishes to come. Nor Cal Local Pro Omar Sawyer was looking really fast, his time off as a school teacher has given him time to ride more this summer, he made his main on Sunday, it was great to see him back in action. After almost claiming last years NBL Masters Title, Mister "T" broke his ankle and was out injured most of the year, Terry Tenntte looked to be all healed up making both mains in the superfast Vet Pro class. Terry T has a new training program and for the first time in his career clipped in! Yeah! No typo here, Terry just clipped in, so watch for Terry in future races he’ll be up front!
Next Race we headed for the Supercross UCI race in beautiful Salt Lake City in Utah, Sergio Smooth “Salazar, Augusto “El Conquistador “Castro, Damian “Dynamite “Lopez Jesse “Hollywood” Langland, and Nick “Dawg “Valencia, were all ready for the Supercross Track and they all looked locked and loaded!, when the time trails finished the difference of making the final 64 cut was only 1 second between the riders! So when the time trails ended we had 3 out of 5 of our riders in!. Too bad the race was cancelled due to rain, it would of been interesting to see all these super fast guys from all over the world mix it up with all our riders!.
If you need more info just drop me a line at seeya at the races!