Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hey it's Arturo here at the PSykopath Industries World Headquarters with the Race Report.
Month of May is almost over and so far the Team has been really Busy.
First of all, our Super Fast Colombian's have been racing all the UCI events they could, and Augusto Castro is sitting 3rd in the UCI world ranking behind Donny Robinson and Mike Day!, he’s also leading the South American Ranking, Sergio “Smooth” Salazar has been flying lately and he’s sitting on 5th position on UCI Latin America.
Our East Coast Team is small but is growing every National, the Factory Team consists of: Chelsea Led 8Girls, Mazin Shehayeb 7X, Cameron White 10X, Fred Vielhauer 31-35 cruiser Frankling Hainsworth 51-55 cruiser, they are a small group but they still had a great weekend at the ABA Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs , GA , all of them make their mains and the team got a 5th and a 4th for the overall Team Points.
Nor Cal Nationals in Oak Creek Bmx saw Damian Lopez flying on the track so he got a second in Open but no luck in class, Ericka Short got a 3rd an a 4th in the super hard Girls pro class, Alan " Hot Pants" Hudson got a 5th on A-pro and expert Nick Valencia grabbed a 2nd in 19-27 Expert and a 3rd in cruiser, Patty Metzger also grabbed 2nd Both days in Class and a 4th on cruiser.
So the following weekend was NBL Golden State Nationals, in Prunedale Ca. and we had a special guest Augusto Castro, and coming fresh from a 24 hour trip from Columbia, he managed to make both Open Mains, Ericka Short gave Amanda Geving a run for her money, but she had to settle for second both days, give her time and she should be on top at every race!, Alan " Hot Pants" Hudson had a solid weekend with a 3rd and a 4th in the Super-X Class, Nick Valencia crashed in his main on Sunday, but came back with a 3rd on Sunday, but the highlight of the weekend was Patty Metzger, she Killed it! She won both days, congratulations to her!.
ABA New Mexico saw just a couple of our Team!, well Alan " Hot Pants " Hudson, Won the Pre race, got thirth on Saturday and Hurt himself in the main on Sunday! We wish you fast recovery man!.
Last but not least, we just got Our Pull frames in every size and color to satisfy all the psykopath’s out there for more info just drop a line at psykopath_industries@yahoo.com, see you at the races.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Psykopath in Thailand

Psykopath products are now being sold at Roll Ya bike shop in Bangkok, Thai

land. Check out Roll Ya to see what they're all about.

Friday, May 18, 2007

British Nationals: Andy and Dan

hey guys andy and dan here psykopath uk!

jus thought I give u a report from the 1st weekend of the british national series and it kicked off with a double header. sunday morning came and didnt look like it was going to be a very nice start to the season with hazey rain and dark clouds it looked like we were in for a rainy day but thankfully clouds parted almost on que for the 1st motos to start. 39 riders we had in our group so 1/4 we had for the 1st time ever so had to step up our game, our motos were up next and you could tell the butterflys were upon us. in dan's moto's he got a 5th, 5th and a 3rd and andy got a 5th and 2 4th's so both through to the 1/4's dan was unlucky not 2 get through in his 1/4 with a 5th, andy managed 2 win his 1/4. semi time and andy again pulled out the gate to take the win. final time and andy had a good inside gate and pull a good result with a 5th. monday and not a very nice day at all with RAIN, not what we like but gotta do what ya can dan and andy both got through to the 1/4s today with good results in the motos dan got a 3rd in his 1/4 and andy also with a 3rd. semi's and andy had a bit of bad luck with a rider falling along side taking him with him. dan also didn't have a good semi either with a 6th place so b finals for both of us today. in the final dan had a stormer of a gate and it took him to a good 3rd place finish with andy behind him in 4th.

next round 2 weeks bournmouth.

andy and dan

Check out our Media page for pics of the race!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Help Endo

Hey Guys

One of our bro's went down hard recently and need your support. As a sponser/ friend, I have got to know Omar "Endo" Romero in the last fews years as a great person that would go out on a limb and help a fellow riders with there bike and anything that anyone ever needed. When I first sponser him he was a street rider and throughtout the years he has become a professional contest rider and was recently in April's issue of BMX Plus pooling the biggest front flip you have ever seen. where he pulled 5th in pro class at the ramp rats fall classic. Omar "Endo" Romero is always down for a occasional road trip and has raced at state, national, also attempted to particapte in the uci supercross race in San Jose, Ca. which he did not qualifying but was brave enough to make an attempt, all this just for the fun of it. He would be the kid wearing a skate helmet jumping all the big doubles in front of him.

Lets support Omar "Endo" Romero by donating $10 or more, whoever donates will get a 07 Psykopath DVD which features Omar "Endo" Romero running hard, and doing what he does best.

All proceeds will go toward Omar "Endo" Romero for his medical bills.

Who ever donates the most money will get a free psykopath frame of there choice.

Carl Renowitzky
Psykopath Industries

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Psykopath Limo: Face Lift

Carl hired artist James Wolfman to paint the Psykopath Limo recently. Everyone at Psykopath is stoked on the paint. Enjoy.


Tue, 05/01/2007 - 8:14pm — Chris McMahon

In case you already forgot, I mentioned the other day that Endo1 was badly injured at Hayward on Friday. Although Daniel Porter made aware of the damages done2 the other night, I was not aware of just how much his surgeries would cost. The amount is very high; probably more than some of us on here will ever make in a year, if what I've been told is correct. For that reason, Nick Valencia, with the help of Knight, Psykopath, and New Era have set up a PayPal account for donations to Endo, which you can access here. All of the aforementioned companies are ready and willing to give out product; Psykopath is throwing down an '07 frame for whoever donates the most, as well as a DVD for anyone who donates more than ten dollars. If you have any questions about sending donations or about Endo's condition, send an email to Nick Valencia at dawgincnorcal@aol.com.

1Omar Romero, to those of you that haven't met him.2I've been told to not say what the injuries are, for personal reasons; that's not to say that they aren't bad, though. It's far worse than what most of us have been through, and this is coming from a guy who's snapped his arm in half and has knocked out his teeth on two separate occasions.