Saturday, December 29, 2012

UK Factory Psykopath rider Betsy Bax (6yr old BMX rider 5th in World Champion) has been nominated for BSR's Sporting Achievement Award repersenting our sport of bmx racing, cast your vote NOW!!!

                                                          UK Factory Psykopath rider Betsy Bax
Support UK Factory Psykopath rider W5 Betsy Bax and cast your vote for the BSR’s Sporting Achievement Award. Results will be aired live on January 6th  on  Bradley Stoke Radio (BSR) sport show in Bristol UK and the sorounding areas.   BSR is accessible 24/7 to anywhere in the world with an internet connection for computers, iPhones, iPods, Android Phones and BlackBerry handsets.  To vote just go to the voting section on the side bar below and click your vote on the radios site. Anyone can vote so we are asking our bmx community to cast your vote for a very positive and talented bmxer.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Chrismas to all. Behind The Scenes of AR - "One Day" Ft. Clayton William

Another inspiring song "One Day" by AR Ft. Clayton William for the new year. Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford  makes a cameo appearance. Look for it on California Music Channel and request it on the radio. Lots good folks involved in this project: Filmed/Edited By: Motif Media Group

Credits: Artists: AR & Clayton William Producer: Clayton William BTS Camera: Gino Mancuso // Motif Media Group Director/Editor: JL Royal // Motif Media Group Camera/Grip: Oden DP/Photographer: J. Kaldin // Motif Media Group DJ: DJ ASAP & DJ CRANK

Monday, December 24, 2012

Meet UK Factory Psykopath newest addtion Daniel Leak

So the 10th and final member of the UK Factory Psykopath team goes to 13 year olds Daniel Leak! Welcome to the team dude

Saturday, December 22, 2012

PSYKOPATH NOR CAL Pro-Am Summer Series 2013

Psykopath Nor Cal Pro-Am Summer Series 2013.  This is a three race series at three selected double points races.  Expect big purses with 100% payback and overall Series Champ award.   Email for questions and sponsorship of this event. 

Psykopath started the Nor Cal Pro/Am series and will be bringing it back to the grassroots local tracks again.  Mr T. collects the overall Pro Am series award a few years ago. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

This dude is for Real. "BMX IS BETTER THAN SEX" SONG? WTF

There are alot of silly stupid bmx songs, and even Crazy Ronnie Anderson's rap song "at the gate" some find it silly.  We think its dope cause it motivates you to ride and he is the badass of bmx racing.  This song by Guitarman569   does not motovate anyone to ride...I dont know what else to as Winston Churchill said "If you're going through hell, keep going."


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kyle "ZMAN" Zondervan at the first UCI Olympic style race with the pack coming down the biggest starting hill that BMX has seen, 2005

 NBL Master Track builder Tom Ritz came up the the design and the UCI ran with it.  Riders from all over the world came to compete but the San Jose CA track was something these BMXers never seen before.  This was the biggest starting hill ever sending many riders packing and heading back home without breaking a sweat.  Bmxers that came to compete did not have a clue or not mentally prepared for the monster berm jump, tight fast berms and technical jumps.  There were even a group of Pros protesting that this is not what bmx racing should evolve too. The race was set because the big sponsors forked out the bread. Those with downhill bmx skills, trail skills, and fearless hearts raced this Olympic track.  The days of muscle head Pros becoming King were over.  Counties started calling Mr Ritz to have them build one of there own and history was made.  We had a few pro riders compete at the time Zman as seen in this photo had the dirt trail skills to compete, another young Psykopath Nick Dawg was a street rider and dirt trail boss so this was just new sandbox for him to play in.  East coast NBL Pro Mike Gonzales was also a young Psykopath rider that hit the course with pure style, this was his type racing..  Psykopath's best result came from another eastcoast Pro Justin Loffredo who almost made the big show.  Justin was not phased with the new style of Olympic racing as he was a top gun in the BMX downhill racing circuit and X games puting up good result. 

           Pic by Andrew Renowtizky

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catalog Model Frankie Lynn, sports the Limited edition retro Psykopath hooded pullover...

Old Skool bmxer Frankie Lynn wore many hats when Psykopath started, from clothing model, dirt trail park grounds keeper, answering phones, tuning everyones bike before races or street contrest, Judged many Nor Cal dirt contest, drummer for our drunk rock band, and made many beer runs for the shop as in the pic below.  So were bringing back the Limited edition retro pullover for the Xmas season, it has the old skool Psykopath logo.  Email us your size, $40.00
Frankie Lynn loves you and his old skool GT

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New BMX race season, teams are scrabling around for riders to help thier team sheet.

Psykopath Team of 2005-06, some of our riders below, from first row: Team Manager Rusty, Z-Man, Psyko Carl, Dean T., Psyko Cristo,CJ, second row: Nick Dawg, Hot Pants,  Omar akaVin Diesel, Zappo, MR. T lower row: Fireball,  Rainey T & her big bro Rider T.
Psykopath will putting another great US Team this season, the UK team lead by Dan Hodge is looking good with his selections.  We have never picked riders to get better results on teams sheets just to take the fun out of the sport and put added pressure on the kids.  Wins have always came with everyone having a good time.  Our riders join the team to become freinds with new riders, enjoy BMX.  being postive, helping others, giving back to our community, and having fun is what being part of the Psykopath Family.  Once you put on that Jeresy you will always be a Psykopath.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

BMX Music, What will they think of next: DJ turntable-BMX bike converts tricks into music

The Turntable Rider is a new bicycle accessory which converts a bicycle into a musical instrument which will be on the market 2013.  The bike wheels, become jog wheels.  The handbrakes, become sound pads.  Mix and scratch at will.  I wonder what type of  music will a  Elite Rider create on a Supercross UCI track.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Psykopath Rockstar chainwheels are back!!!

Made in the USA, machined and precision from a solid 1/4 thick 7075-T6 aluminum for superior strength.  For those larger riders with super strong snaps that have bent those other chainwheels, this is last one you will ever purchase.  Buy factory direct.  Email us to place a order $65.00 includes shipping.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BMX fans will miss the lost of Olympic and 3 Time World Champ Kyle Bennett .

Its still hard to believe that Kyle Bennett who represented the U.S. in the inaugural Olympic BMX  race will not be at the races.  We got to know Kyle when he opened his home to our new Elite rider Augusto Castro.  Kyle helped the younger Augusto with training and motivation(the mental game).  They both went to the Worlds Championship where Kyle won and Augusto made the main, then to the Olympics.  We think Augusto had his best career year after Kyle took the role of big brother helping Augusto.  Our longtime sponsor Tioga put together this tribute video, also checkout the 2007 Worlds video of Kyle the Legend.
Kyle and Augusto at St. Cloud Elite National

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What time is it, Psykopath Time...

Psykopath got a gift from the Robinson Family last year, which was a Psykopath Clock below, everyone who has seen it loved it.  So we will be working with the maker of them to have them available to the public.   We are also working on bring ciustom frame building back to Nor Cal for 2013, we are excited about the US products being developed.