Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Xmass Psykopath's!!!

From all of us here at Psykopath Family we wish you a merry X-mass and a happy New year!

Our Super fast Argentinian import Damian Lopez is having a X-Mas Vacation at his Hometown Mendoza(Argentina). You know Visiting friends and family is what we do during this holiday season.
So Damian and his Brothers Gustavo and Dario, Decided do a little road trip outside Argentina and went to to the South American version of the Xmas Classic an International race held in Santiago, Chile and they rocked the competition!,( i been in Chile myself and let me tell you ,they have amazing tracks in that part of the world. They build Gnarly pro sections!!With 40 foot doubles, and put cars between the gaps(for fun, not for the race!) All 3 lopez brothers made the mains, Damian got 2nd, Dario got 5Th, and Gustavo had some bad luck fighting for the front spots and ended in 8Th! So in the end they had a lot of fun sold some frames, made some main event cash, and bonded as bmx brothers do. Gustavo and Damian were both signed to psykopath over 3 years ago, and both still have the passion to ride hard on their psykopath frames. Damian is fighting for a spot on the Argentinian Olympic team in 08, he is livin the dream..,but dreams do come true if you work hard like Damian..Good Luck Bro.. New Team Manager/Rider for Psykopath Chile, is Elite Pro Miguel (Chure) YaƱez, he is basically the Todd Lyons of Chile!, So Miguel will be Managing a small group of Elite riders with a quest to have a Olympic team in 08. He will distribute Psykopath frames and be the new brand manager in Chile!, If you need a Psykopath frame you can contact him at and if you need to contact us you can e mail us at seeya at the track!. ARTURO.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Colton Satterfield teaser Video

I know i say it a lot! but man Colton is Awesome!, oh you don't think so??? take a look at this, and tell me he's not good! Arturo

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas Shipping nightmares and old school pics!

Ok im done with the Xmas shipping (i was having nightmares about this) so if you didn't order your frame until yesterday, you are not gonna see it for Xmas!.
So i was checking one of our old computers(we are about to upgrade for Xmas) so i found that you might find intersting!

The first one is no other than the owner of Psykopath Industries Carl Renowitzky, Back in the day!with the # 18, he was in a cool Team wich used to send him to a lot Nationals (i hope i dont get in trouble for this!)

Next is a Logo that Vans made for Terry Tenette, back in the day, they made t-shirts and stickers with his logo! How many of you have this mh????


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So the other day i was dealing with some "Crazy animal with rabies Issues" in the warehouse(dont ask) and i got a call from Zack Held, man if you ever seen zack ride you know that he can flow so i remembered a video teaser he used to have so i found it for you guys!.
By the way dont ask me were are this trails couse it's a SECRET!, but you can e mail us at, later!Arturo.

Monday, December 10, 2007


When I heard about The Samurai Project, crazy ideas cross my mind, but reality is that these guys are pretty cool and they will be riding Psykopath for the 08 season!

Eric Boyer is the owner and racer of 'The Samurai Project’ he’s a old school rider that just loves to ride a BMX bike. All the team spend as much time volunteering, raising money for various causes, donating helmets to tracks that are struggling with participation, and Instructing kids for free at our Free rider clinics as they have fun and kicking but at the track or trails. Just to give you an idea of they did in 2007:
They donated a total of $3,000 to local tracks, 12 helmets to beginners that couldn't afford helmets of their own, and ran 2 Free rider clinics along with earning 5 #1 state plates, 2 National numbers, and one participant to the Worlds. As you can see they care very deeply for our sport and feel its important to give back to a sport that has have given us so much over the years.

They will be looking to doubling they’re efforts from last year along with more rider clinics and a few trail jams as well to go along with they’re already hectic race schedule. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at