Thursday, October 11, 2007


Have you ever heard people saying that "back in the day" Contest's used to be so laid back and fun???, this is before big sponsors and tv involved, so the guys at First Rule started "HELL ON WHEELS" 3 years ago, to bring Back the fun of the contest's, the contest basically is a street jam were you'll be hitting spots in San Francisco!, the contest moves from place to place, once we get kicked out of a spot, we move to the next spot, This event is inspired by the movie The Warriors and you will be required to dress like the characters!, (its the day before halloween! ) for more info just log on , the whole Psykopath Crew will be there including Carl and Arturo!, who will be filming the event. So you street riders that want to ride the city with a mob of 200+ riders stopping traffic and raising hell, be there it only happens once a year. The after party is a blast as well!!!

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