Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas Shipping nightmares and old school pics!

Ok im done with the Xmas shipping (i was having nightmares about this) so if you didn't order your frame until yesterday, you are not gonna see it for Xmas!.
So i was checking one of our old computers(we are about to upgrade for Xmas) so i found that you might find intersting!

The first one is no other than the owner of Psykopath Industries Carl Renowitzky, Back in the day!with the # 18, he was in a cool Team wich used to send him to a lot Nationals (i hope i dont get in trouble for this!)

Next is a Logo that Vans made for Terry Tenette, back in the day, they made t-shirts and stickers with his logo! How many of you have this mh????


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