Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Nick Valencia

Happy Birthday Day to Nick Valencia from all of us here at PSYKOPATH.
If you don't know Nick got injured last week at the new San Jose Skate park. In Nick's words He messed with the bull, and got the horns!, He's doing better now but ruptured his Spleen and is very lucky because it could of been worst. He wont be needing surgery, but will be eating hospital food for weeks. Drop him a line at he would love to heard form you guys!, Nick get better Brother!.
In more positive news, we are working hard on the 09 Frame Line, you will see some cool new graphics, some new cool colors and a few other surprises, We have a new guy doing the artwork so if you check MySpace or you probably seen a little about it.
Just let you know that i got the PSYKO FLATS in stock Again! for all our Old school/street riders and Flat friendly Riders!, this time i got a lot of them. So get your's before we run out of them again, you never know!
For more info you can email me at, see ya at the track! Arturo.

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