Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats up riders?! Just checking in to keep the blog full of the latest and greatest news of all things Psykopath affiliated. Look for the majority of the team to be out in full force at the ABA Lake Perris National this weekend... Mother nature is threatening with some rain showers but that wont stop our team from getting there and getting to work. Riders to show up are Jesse Langland/Kyle Zondervan in single A and Mr. Storms will be looking to get a little deeper into the AA mix and see if he can get some scores in. Nick Valencia is flying in from his Florida 2 week stint and will meet up with the guys early friday. He's focused on more long term goals but should be somewhat of a factor for making the 19-27X main. Perris is usually a dusty dry race but with the talk of rain on Friday anything can happen so keep an eye on the news section for updated pictures and information on how the team is doing. As always good luck to our riders and to everyone heading out enjoy the races and drive safely!

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