Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IRON IAN SORM!!! from Northfield, Ohio

A few years ago our crazy race team took the road trip across the great U.S.A, factory team members were Donald Goodwin, Alan Hudson, Terry Tennete, Nick Dawg, Daiman Lopez, and a few other riders, along with a few chicks that were picked up along the way. The team was camping at tracks and giving clinics for gas money, and crashing on peoples living room floors. One of the riders that let us crash at thier home was Ian Sorm. Can you believe a 15 year boy asking their parents if a group of Psykopath's can stay with us, while he did, we were feed taken care of for almost a week between some NBL nationals. Ever since than Ian has been a team rider, this kid has been training and getting big and strong.. He grew so much from a skinny 15 year old to a 6'3" 230lb young man on a mission. Check out his new ride, we had to get him a Mr. T Pull Cromoly Race Frame to meet his needs. Ian Sorm you rock brother. Check him out at www.myspace.com/bmxpro1

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