Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our friend Hugo from LA CA, is throwing another street jam, below is a pic of at the Oakland Scrape the Town BMX Jam, also read the info and pass it on

What up!

How's it going?

I would like to update you with our current activity:

Our third and most recent Street Jam took place back in April (Easter Sunday) and since, many riders have asked about the next Los Angeles Street jam. I reply that we plan to have a fourth jam by no later than March of next year.

In the meantime, however, we are consistently holding sessions @ the Street Plaza two-miles west of downtown LA, and we want to host our next jam, and first-ever Street Plaza jam at Laffayette Park. The spot consists of ledges, rails, ramps, gaps, step-ups and stairs.

For slide show renderings of the Plaza:

If you happen to be in the Korea Town area of Los Angeles during week nights around 9pm. expect to see us putting work at the Laffayette Park Street Plaza. Pictures of the sessions are posted on our site.

By the way, coverage of past Street jams may be found inside Cream BMX/Lifestyle magazine, issues # 32 and #34 (Title: LA Street Jam). Thanks for your time.

Lets hold down a Street session!

Hugo L. Rodas

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