Saturday, December 11, 2010

The PSYKOPATH family Congrads and Farewell to Josh "Squeeks" Boothby

Yes its official our boy Josh "Squeeks" Boothby just signed a full ride deal with SE BIKES, and we here at Psykopath Headquarters are pretty dam stoked about his new sponsorship with the giant company SE. Squeeks got his name years ago when he was a young 15 year old grom, he was a skinny boy that had the most annoying squeeky voice to come out of a youngman. The name "Squeek" has stuck all this years, now he is a tall full grown strong athletic man that could of play any sport, but picked BMX. Squeeks has been riding for over 9 years off and on for Psykopath, and has become a local bay area legend in street riding. We have seen him grown up around our shop, and he has worked in our company from editing film, to building trails in the back of our shop, shipping frames out, and making our morning Starbucks run. There are so many stories we have from the crazy parties, to beer runs, grub and dash at the local Denny's, road trips, to the collections and shaking up dead beat bike shops that wouldn't pay us when we fronted frames and even getting Squeeks to race in the beginner class at our local double points race for kicks. We know he will be in good hands with the SE Crew, Todd Lyons runs a strong program for his riders. Squeeks still leaves around the corner from our shop so we will still see him around. Congrads Brother on your new ride from the PSYKOPATH family..

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