Thursday, January 12, 2012

Factory 5x Dominic Duran will be in Reno this weekend with the whole crew of Riders, Freinds, and Family. New year new Psyk, new numbers, which will Dominic run, He is the #2 National rider in his group, #1 Redline Cup Champ, and the #1 California State Champ.

BIG Thanks to our new number plate sponsor LADC, below is some words from Rich....

As you have probably figured out, the SX1 isn't a normal Number Plate. The LADC SX1 Number plate has been described by many as the coolest number plate to ever hit a BMX track. -They're right. It took a year to design. Each SX1 is simultaneously formed, in series, with our own proprietary equipment and then individ...ually crafted and finished by hand. Because of this, an LADC number plate is not for everyone. No SX1 happens by accident as they are individually made to order (they even have serial numbers). Each plate takes massive time to complete. Considering everything that goes into your SX1 Number Plate, they are very fairly priced at $55.00 + shipping. Thanks to all of our supporters and thanks for reading. Good luck to all our racers in 2012! -Rich

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