Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr.T and the Cobra.Sounds like a movie title. Vet Pro Terry Tennete is the Pic of the week for


First annual Nor Cal Love series Final went down this weekend, for a good cause. When a bmx family member is in need some how we all pull together and help,and thats what happen, You can find out more at:

Last we heard our resident Pro Z Man was in tied for 4th and our Team was tied for
2nd. Full report later this week...

PRO AM.Best 2 scores:
1)Donny Robinson- 39
2)Riley Stair- 39
3)Bryce Betts- 36
4)Jake Peebles 35
5)Kyle Zondervan 35
6)Pete Pascual 34
7)Kevin Shankel 34
8)Rob Szilagyi 32

Re: Love Series standings
Team Challenge.Best 2 scores:
1) Vendetta----------40
2)Westside bmx----39
4)NV crush-----------36
6)Dirty 530-----------31
7)Fast Bikes---------28
8)Hooligans Racing-26
9)Hot Shot racing--26
10)Bandit racing---25

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