Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flash from the Past and shout out to TIOGA.

Big Shout out to our longterm Factory Sponsor Tioga BMX for supporting our team and our rider s throughout the many years. Companies like Tioga have been in the BMX game  for years so support the companies that support our riders.  Below is a new training video by Tyler Brown, cool dude been on MTV, USA Elite team, fast dude but a little to serious, lol...Also Grands buzz has been going around so we put a Grands clip of  Terry "MR T" Tennte who was sponsored by TIOGA in 1991 , Pistal Pete Loncarevich won it that day but MR T gave him elbows in his gut all year. We have some Factory Team openings for new Pro Riders so if your an AM and thinking of moving to the PRO ranks let us know.  Mr T has always been there to school our rookie Pros, and  we live to help our new Pro riders.   Also we will flow you some Psykopath Juice to Awake the Psykopath within you,

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