Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Co Factory Rider Joe Robinson back in the Day

Janseville WI back in 1986 Joe was on the same team as Nor Cal Bmx Hall of Famer Ronnie Anderson.  Joe started racing in 1983... then raced for factory Coke for a year.  Joe raced every NBL national in 86 in the U.S. and a few ABA nationals, Back in the day big sponsors were paying out and Joe was living the dream at 15 years old. Hardees was a major fast food chain that had a big budget for its bmx team...the team even had a new 85 suburban truck and a enclosed trailer all pimped out.  Joe was lu cky to get on the team and be a part of it before Hardees franchises were over.  Joe almost won  a Grand National and was a main event maker at all the Nationals.  Were glad Joe is back into and riding for Psykopath with his kids.

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