Saturday, December 15, 2012

New BMX race season, teams are scrabling around for riders to help thier team sheet.

Psykopath Team of 2005-06, some of our riders below, from first row: Team Manager Rusty, Z-Man, Psyko Carl, Dean T., Psyko Cristo,CJ, second row: Nick Dawg, Hot Pants,  Omar akaVin Diesel, Zappo, MR. T lower row: Fireball,  Rainey T & her big bro Rider T.
Psykopath will putting another great US Team this season, the UK team lead by Dan Hodge is looking good with his selections.  We have never picked riders to get better results on teams sheets just to take the fun out of the sport and put added pressure on the kids.  Wins have always came with everyone having a good time.  Our riders join the team to become freinds with new riders, enjoy BMX.  being postive, helping others, giving back to our community, and having fun is what being part of the Psykopath Family.  Once you put on that Jeresy you will always be a Psykopath.

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