Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UK BMX National Round 1 Race Report Manchester Indoor

After a good winter season, Psykopath Industries UK race team headed to the 1st round of the national series at the National cycling centre in Manchester.
The team were in good spirits, everyone was raring to go and couldnt wait to hit the track. Practice went well for most but unfortunately for Harry Little he broke his wrist during the practice session.

The 1st rider to hit the race track was Neil Hopes in the 40-44 cruiser category. Neil had some solid motos, as always getting the snap out of the gate but just missed out on the A-final, N.Hopes took a great 2nd place in the B final race. So a good result after day one.

The 1st rack of motos hit the track and it was Betsy Bax up first for the team in the 7-8 girls. She started as she finished last year, out in front. Big bro Alfie Bax was next up, in the 9 year old boys. He also had a solid lap to pick up a 2nd position. Webber kept the ball rolling in the 9-10girls and was hungry as ever and took 1st. Phillips in the 10 year old boys is getting stronger and more confident every time he rides, took a great 2nd place. Dan leak in the 14s unfortunately crashed out and support rider Alex Kite took 3rd place. In the huge 17-29 category (66 riders) Albie Hopes took 6th getting his 1st race nerves out the way, Waters took 5th and Team manager Hodge took 4th

2nd  and 3rd motos took place and there were more moto wins by A.Bax, Webber, and Waters with Phillips taking 2nd, B.Bax and Hodge taking 3rd. This meant Betsy going straight through to the A final.

On the 1/8 in the 17-19 category with Hodge up 1st, he had a solid gate to take 2nd place, Hopes just missed out with 5th and Waters was taken out as he was making moves down the last straight.

1/4 finals  and A.Bax takes the win with Phillips taking 4th and Hodge just missing out with 5th.

All important semi final time; A.Bax took another win, Webber makes it 4 of 4 and Phillips taking that all important 4th position to make his 1st ever A Final.

Finals came round with B.Bax up first in the 7-9 girls. They all came down the hill in a line, slight contact was made with the girl next to her which gave Bax a little wobble but Bax found a gap and powered through to take the win. Big bro was after wanting to follow suit, A.Bax had a good gate which put him into 2nd, after exiting the 1st turn, Bax kept on pushing all the way to the line, challenging the front runner, but just ran out of track. So Bax took a well deserved 2nd place. Webber hit up the track next in the 9-10 girls who didnt have the best of gates and got shut off by the favourite to win but Webber never gives up. She was hungry for that win.  When it came to the last straight, she kept her head cool and smoothed her way to victory with her 1st ever national win. Phillips was the last of the finalist to snap out of the gate. Being his 1st ever A final he kept calm and challenged the pack all the way round he had a solid lap and finished a well deserved 8th
Great ride from all riders with 2 national wins in the bag! So After the weekends events Psykopath Industries UK have ended up in 3rd place in the national standings.

Massive thanks to those who are supporting us this year. Tioga BMX, Webbs of Warmley, Daredecals and the other Co sponsors that support our US team.

Dan Hodge

Psykopath Industries TM

 Alfie Bax on a mission.....
TM Dan Hodge with the squad ready to battle

The Big Cheese Dan leading by example...

Albie Hopes rode well in a class of 66 riders  to prove he is a gladiator look out for....

Lydia Webber never gave up and raced like a true champ that she is.....

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