Friday, May 18, 2007

British Nationals: Andy and Dan

hey guys andy and dan here psykopath uk!

jus thought I give u a report from the 1st weekend of the british national series and it kicked off with a double header. sunday morning came and didnt look like it was going to be a very nice start to the season with hazey rain and dark clouds it looked like we were in for a rainy day but thankfully clouds parted almost on que for the 1st motos to start. 39 riders we had in our group so 1/4 we had for the 1st time ever so had to step up our game, our motos were up next and you could tell the butterflys were upon us. in dan's moto's he got a 5th, 5th and a 3rd and andy got a 5th and 2 4th's so both through to the 1/4's dan was unlucky not 2 get through in his 1/4 with a 5th, andy managed 2 win his 1/4. semi time and andy again pulled out the gate to take the win. final time and andy had a good inside gate and pull a good result with a 5th. monday and not a very nice day at all with RAIN, not what we like but gotta do what ya can dan and andy both got through to the 1/4s today with good results in the motos dan got a 3rd in his 1/4 and andy also with a 3rd. semi's and andy had a bit of bad luck with a rider falling along side taking him with him. dan also didn't have a good semi either with a 6th place so b finals for both of us today. in the final dan had a stormer of a gate and it took him to a good 3rd place finish with andy behind him in 4th.

next round 2 weeks bournmouth.

andy and dan

Check out our Media page for pics of the race!

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