Friday, January 4, 2008


Was the best ever... except for the crashing ha ha.anywho flew in tuesday night after spending christmas and some time with my family. took a shuttle to the ramada and had a hugeee king bed to myself. it sucked because it was too late to do anything, but it was the first time i had a whole room to myself. so i watched tv till 2am and was out. woke up next morning took a shuttle back to columbus airport and took a taxi to the hyatt grand regency downtown hotel. met up with shay and stayed with her all weekend. practiced the track that evening and wasn't stoked on it, but at least the dirt wasn't all mushy like 2 years ago. after practice we had a killer pillow fight and jumping bed to bed. woke upnext morning and relaxed while the amatures raced. signed myself up and got ready to ride pro practice and got all geared up. my moto was semi hard. had all the canadian's and regula from germany and some usa riders. was getting 2nds and 3rds every moto and made my main with ease. main came and got a outside gate pick, but made the best of it. going into the 1st turn i heard tires rubbing so i went low to miss the carnage, but i got eaten up. i got up couldn't breathe so i walked and jumped on my bike, but the tire was flat so i got off my bike and started walking. everyone but steph was up and gone. i startyed walking the track and then i saw steph get up so i started running the rythmn section with my bike in hand because i wanted 7th place that bad lol. steph cut the track so i had the automatic 7th so i walked the last straight to the finish. it was pretty rad because everyone was cheering for me when they saw me running the rythmn. i was mad that i fell but i wasn't really mad more proud that people were cheering for me and i finished the race. i slept in and we raced at 6pm friday. i got my bike fixed, new tire and tube and got the front wheel trued and was ready to go, except my body was really sore and bruised. made the main again and another pile up in the first corner. i heard the tires rub and said to myself "great here we go again" sure enough right infront of me steph goes down and i ran right ontop of her and fell on her. somehow i rolled off her and got back up. it was a close finish but i beat regula from germany by 5 millaseconds. it was soooooo close and after the race we were talking about everything. that night a bunch of the pro girls and parents went to dinner and we had an awesome time talking and getting to know each other off the track. i got to hang out with regula and her mom and it was such an honor showing them america at first hand. it was their first time here and it was the least i could do for them. i took them to the hamburger place to have a burger,fries and soda since they wanted a typical american meal. they went to dinner with us all 3 nights and i told them what was good and what was bad and it was really cool showing them the american way of life. it was really cool getting to learn what germany was like and how they live and explaining them and showing them how americans live. its crazy how different countries and the cultures are, but makes u realize life is freakin sweet. it was really neat to talk with them because you had to talk slow and some of the words they would ask what is that? and you would have to explain. we had soooo much fun and i hope to learn more german and maybe learn how to speak it!! anywho im back home and i can't wait to kick of the 08 bmx season and hopefully go to germany to visit regula and ride some european bmx tracks and maybe she can come over here and ride some more american bmx and see everything there is in california!! that's concludes my trip to ohio and it was the best one ever and im going to miss my germany buddies but i will see them in denmak or australia next year!! goodnight guys and happy new year!!

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