Friday, February 1, 2008

Some god news, and then some more good news!

Psykopath has good news from our World Headquarters, after fighting with the city and county for over 3 years, we are one step closer to finally getting our track approved here in the East Bay Area. Carl Renowitzky who has been trying to get a track approved in the inner city for some time, got tired of the red tape and bought a strip of land in back of the Psykopath office and built its own trail park, we even had the NBL to insure it. We ran it for about three years, having long trial sessions, sprint money races, and even big dirt jumping contest with some of the best local pros. We stayed under the radar for a good three years, it run until the county officials said our spot was not zoned for recreational use (you can see some of this footage form our first DVD).So we shut the trail park down with a condition that the riders will received another spot to ride, there is never any guarantee when dealing with the government, but with the whole Psykopath crew pushing and fighting our politicians have been working hard to help our riders get a spot approved, (check what the newspaper said ) There is one more meeting left and hopefully we will be breaking ground soon.

Psykopath is always looking for new up and coming riders for our factory rooster, Our AA Pro Damian Lopez told us about the Larson family a few years ago when he stayed with them during a Psykopath road trip and about their private BMX compound. We are very proud to welcome both Alex Larson, Apro and Emileig Larson 14x girls, 2 rad racers out of Virginia!, we are so happy to have the Larson family aboard!. Both, brother and sister are famous for they’re jumping skills! (Alex jumped the 06 Xmas Classic berm jump on his 16” bike, isn’t that something!).They will be sporting our colors for this season! And if you would like to know more about them and their BMX compound go to
Here at Psykopath we always supported riders around the world. We have recruited some new people that we want to welcome to our Psykopath family: The first one is the Todd Lyons of Chile his name is Miguel Yañez, they call him “Chure” Great personality, very fast Elite Men Rider, owns his own company “Churestyle” that makes a lot of graphic designs and what not! He’s going to be our Official Distributor for Chile. I met him in an International race in Viña del Mar in Chile, beautiful country, awesome beaches, beautiful girls and awesome tracks! Most of the tracks have Pro sections, that are actually decision makers, which is very good for those up and coming Amateurs, so drop him a line at go to if you need a Psykopath frame in South America he is our Official Distributor!.

Diego”Señor Smoothie” Alejandre from Ohio?, I been good friends with his Dad (J.C. Alejandre) and his family forever, I know them since my early days in BMX, Diego is a talented rider, I have know Diego since he was only probably 3 years old! (Which makes me old I guess) and I have seen him grow from a tricycle rider with a number plate to a National Caliper Rider. He will be racing A Pro, Super X, Junior Men, wearing our colors this year on his Psykopath Pull Frame!, in Limited edition Bumblebee Yellow

( the color of choice of Erika Short as well), and if you see Diego at the races take his bike for a test ride! And you can feel the difference between our frames from the rest!
We would also like to thank our Sponsors and the people that support’s us specially Guy at Menace apparel, the our staff, to Carol Jensen our loved Team Mom and our Central Team Manager Rusty Beck who now with his son R.J. are now living in OK, Thanks for everything!.
If you need more info in our line of Frames give me a call at (510)-888-1114 or email me at thanks!
Arturo” The Bolivian Madman” Jimenez.

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