Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well we been supporting a lot of riders everywere in the country!,and a lot of the trough SPONSORHOUSE.COM
let me introduce you our good friend of Psykopayh! IAN SORM
Here is a small bio and pics!
Name: Ian Sorm
Location: Northfield, OH
Age: 17
Sanction racing in : NBL
Years racing: 1 1/2
Class: 17-18 Novice
Accomplishments: 2nd in Ohio(2007), 3rd in Presidents Cup(2007)
Goals: Race in the 2012 Olympics

Bike set-up:Psykopath Pull XL, Shimano Saints, Drive lites, S&M race bars, JW Hamilton stem, Old school Profile race hubs, Chris King headset, Fly Racing Gear!, Psykopath Numberplate!
So if you want to be on our website! send me your pics to psykopath_industries@yahoo.com and dont forget to add us in MYSPACE @ http://www.myspace.com/psykopath_bmx or in SPONSORHOUSE @ http://sponsorhouse.loopd.com/Members/psykopath/Home.aspx
seeya at the races!
Arturo "The Bolivian Madman" Jimenez

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