Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Psykopath and friends have been trying to start our own track in the east bay area since the county made us tear down our track that we built on our own land! They said it wasnt zoned for recreational use. This was a big dispute, It was even posted in The Daily Review newspaper. Since that we have been working with the county for several years now trying to build a track that the community can benefit from. Especially inter city kids that dont have their parents support. We have been going back in forth with the county about where can we build a track. Finally we been working amd found a spot where we can agree on! But there are still concerned neighbors about the track site. Hopefully this is the last meeting we have with the city.... We need support from our local BMX'ers and need you to come out to the meeting on this upcoming monday Nov 24th @ 7pm!

Where 1099 E. Street Hayward CA

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