Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BMX TRACK APPROVED 5-0 HARD Board !!!!!!!!!

A couple of the people who made it happen!
Pic. left to right Nick Vilencia (Psykopath rider) Carl Renowitzky (Mr. Psykopath) Kevin Dowling (city of Hayward councilman) Shawn Wilson (Alameda county supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker's assistant)

GOOD NEWS!!! After a couple years of going to meetings with the county and endless questions from concerned neighbors Carl Renowitzky and the East Bay Bmx committe finally got approval from the county to build a local bmx race track for the community to benefit. The track will be in the empty lot behind the San Lorenzo adult school. We still have a couple of things to go over with the county about before we can start the building process. Hopefully we will be up and running the track before the summer so we can get alot of new riders and make the sport of bmx a major sport like it should be! So look out for the new track in the east bay. Also we will like to thank all the riders that made it out to each and every meeting. Not pictured is Manny Hernandez, who has been a major player in getting this track approved, he will be the new Track Director.

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