Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cow Palace Bike convention! Nov. 28th & 29th
Psykopath Industries was one of the big sponsors of the bike expo this past weekend in the San Francisco. It was alot of fun hanging out with everyone looking at product from vendors and bike shops. Also other riders that had a few extra parts in their garage that they didnt need anymore. Psykopath had our display stand out there to show our frames and products right in front of the First Rule bike show with all the ramps. Psykopath did good, We had alot of riders and bike shops that were interested in our products! Its was a good event for everyone to go to and enjoy a nice time. Alot of riders were tearing it up along with our own rider Tony Campos. Heres a couple of pictures. Thanks to First Rule and Ride SFO! Also to everyone else who made the event happen. Where Psykopath Was born "The Bay Area!" Anthony Renowitzky is holding down the Management of Psykopath

Big No Hander over the box

These are the folks that answer the phones, ship product out and handle the daily business they were also running the Psykopath booth, all riders form Nor Cal, Ty Dawg, Leland Nelson, Jimmy Gallegos, and Anthony Renowitzky

Psykopath Rider Tony Campos

Big Table Top

Coit doing a little flatland

Nice wall ride!!

First Rule Fu@#ing rules!!

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