Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arthur The Original Psykopath
Making A Difference And Needs Your Help!
It all started when veteran BMX rider, Carl Renowitzky, wanted to involve his three sons in his beloved sport of bmx. Little did they know that their father son team would become a worldwide brand, ultimately receiving recognition at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing . Arthur Renowitzky, the eldest son, started competing in local and national events at age ten. Aside from being an avid amateur rider, he was a central role in Psykopath Industries as it grew to sponsor riders, street contests, and manufacture equipment. While most teens were working at the ice cream shop or slinging newspapers, Arthur's after school job was shipping bike frames all over the world.
In 2007, at age twenty, Arthur's life was forever changed as tragedy struck. While leaving a Bay Area nightclub with two friends they found themselves held up at gunpoint and all three were shot, with Arthur taking the brunt of the attack receiving a grievous wound to the chest. After being rushed to the hospital they found the bullet pierced both his lungs and had shattered his spine leaving him in a coma for three weeks. Two days before Christmas, he awoke to find himself on a ventilator and paralyzed for life from the chest down.
Today, Arthur is able to breathe freely, and is mobile with the use of his wheelchair and specially equipped car his father bought him. He lives independently and is engaged to be married. Life wasn't going to stop Arthur from living his dreams. His passion for basketball has led him to be a key player on his wheelchair basketball team with hopes to play with the Road Warriors and compete in the Olympics. He also continues his music pursuits by rapping with elite local talent and producing. Arthur wants to share his story and inspire others to keep moving forward. To do this he started the 'Life Goes On Foundation' which to helps stop teen violence and raise funds for spinal cord research. Arthur does public speaking engagements geared toward at risk youth to promote his message, "Silence the violence".
To show your support, spread the message, help with medical bills and research, you can donate to the 'Life Goes On Foundation.' Those who donate $10 or more will receive a Psykopath DVD or Arthur’s new mixtape while the highest contributor will receive a Psykopath frame of their choice. You can paypal your donations at www.myspace.com/lifegoesonfoundation

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