Friday, August 7, 2009

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Todays lesson is building a bmx park and working with your local Public Officials to make it legal. Some years ago we here at Psykopath built a bmx trail park on private property because the county officials said there was no land available, we ran this private spot for a few years and even had it sanctioned by the NBL. We held time trail money races, dirt jump contest, BBQ's, and a lot of late night sessions (RIP Psykopath Trails). The County Code Enforcement Department shut us down because the land we had was not zoned for recreational use, but they also didn't know that a bunch of local kids built this park and cleaned up a area that drug users hung out and camped out at. We fought against it for a few more years and finally got an agreement to have the County Official give the local community kids a legal bmx park. So if your local tails are getting plowed or shut down you need to take action and convince your officials to make a legal park. There is alot of cheap land everywhere thats not buildable for houses that you can get for a song and dance, also if you need help just contact us here at Psykopath and talk to our bmx real estate department. Building a Private Trail Park may be what you need to do to get the Publics support for a much needed youth program in your area. Below is our old bmx trail parks annual jam we had some years ago.

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