Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey it’s Arturo again with our newest adventure.
The PsykoVan Headed to the ABA Mile High National, in Dacono Colorado , almost a 20 hour Road Trip each way!!! Once we got there, it rained every night but the Dacono crew did a great job keeping the track as smooth as possible.
We brought a small group of our Factory Psykopath rider’s to Colorado, but we sure made our presence and rocked the house, The Highlight of the weekend was super fast Alan “Hot pants” Hudson, who won both days in A PRO, Alan upcliped a few times and had to come from behind in a couple of laps (damn clips!)!, this 2 victories puts him closer and closer to the AA PRO Class.
A Pro Jesse “ Hollywood “ Langland got a 5th on Friday but no luck the rest of the weekend, he’ll be back!, Nick Valencia got a 2nd and a 1th in cruiser, he was looking smooth as ever, I guess those sprints are paying off!, speaking of cruiser our rider from Nebraska Adam Donnor got 2 solid seconds on 26-30 cruiser this should put him close to a NAG #, good job Adam!!
So catch us at all ABA, NBL Nationals UCI races and any backyard jam out there. Visit our booth and check out our fast frames and pedals, and maybe pick up a sticker or two, seeya at the races!

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