Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Psykopath Industries at the UCI Worlds

Hey it’s Arturo from Psykopath World headquarters with the UCI World Championships Race Report.
A Reduced group of our factory riders: Jr Woman/Erika Short, Elite Men/Augusto Castro, Elite Men/Sergio Salazar, 17-24 Challenger class/Nick Valencia, and Jr men/Jessie “ Hollywood “ Langland headed for the UCI World Championships in Victoria, Canada. A small group, but a lot of talent between them all!!
The track looked awesome, tall and big jumps, smooth and fast surface, stacked motos with fast riders from all parts of the world equals some good hot action racing!!
Augusto has been looking good and going super fast lately. He made the mains in the always super hard Elite Men's class that had the fastest riders in the world and took home the World #7 for the year; A few weeks earlier Augusto got 4th in the main at the Pan American Games in Rio Janeiro Brazil, Look for Augusto at most UCI races in 08.
Sergio made the Elite Men Cruiser main and will be running a World #6 in 08 and was also looking super fast all week he made it very far in 20" but a little bit of bad luck kept him from making the Semi's;
Nick Valencia went to the Worlds after wining his Cruiser Main in ABA Las Vegas national , he raced 17-24 challenge class; making the main out of 126 people!
That’s a lot of riders that had to end up watching the main!! Nick was banging bars down the first straight and got bumped to the back of the fast pack of riders, in a competition that is one lap no crap, one little mistake and you’ll pay!
Nick will be running a World # 8 for a year, Not bad for a guy that makes his extra cash by competing in Street contests and got the racing bug last year. Look for Nick in 08 to make his Pro Debut, so i guess he will have to start training and hitting the weights!!
Erika and Jessie had some good laps but couldn't make the main.
At the end we got 3 World titles out of 5 Psykopath riders.
We are really proud of all of them and from all of us at Psykopath Industries World headquarters we congratulate all our Riders!
Our next race should be The ABA Mile High Nationals at Dacono, Colorado, and if you see our PSYKOVAN drop by so you can pick a DVD and check our full line of Pull Aluminum frames! Now in limited edition yellow, for more info email us at
psykopath_industries@yahoo.com, check this future add of nick,cool uh? seeya at the races

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