Friday, August 3, 2007

Tony and Colton, what a summer!!!

Wow it's been a really busy summer here at Psykopath, but none of us it's been more busy than Tony Campos, He's been in all the stops of the DEW TOUR, and he just got back from the SOUL BOWL, and right now he's at the X GAMES!, so from all of us at the office we want to wish Tony good luck at the X games!Speaking of busy , i can't forget about Colton Satterfield that it's been getting a lot of atencion lately go to he's in the second pic in blue shirt! yeah!oh, and while he was at Travis Pastrana Compound(yes he's a baller!and yes we are jelous) he was trying triple backflips on the foam pit just for fun , oh you dont belive me here's proof there! Colton you are bad ass!

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