Sunday, March 29, 2009


I woke up this morning to ride to the Berkeley Skate Park, which is right next to my house for a Sunday morning therapy ride to find out that some fucking asshole jumped my backyard and stole my street bike, a great day turned to a shity day. So all you Psykopath's in Nor Cal be on the lookout for this bike, its an older 06 euro bottom bracket street bike with a custom 30 tooth star psykopath gear, supercross forks, sx bars, sx cranks with psykopath pedals and S&M stem. If you see some fucker riding this bike kick his ass and get my bike and i will give you a new Psykopath frame of your choice. So you little shit out with my bike now you have the Psykopath Army looking for you. Meanwhile I will build a new one up, so I need parts, anyone willing to barter or sale used parts for a small fee. I am not picky I rode my last street for years and was happy riding it. email me for parts or reward

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