Monday, June 1, 2009

Here are some pictures 4rm this past weekend @ the Warriors of Wood contest in San Jose Ca hosted by local bmx boss Ryan Nyquist. Our very own Nick Dawg was a judge for this event, I think the top three riders gave him a kick back of the prize money...just kidding...

Contest winners Anthony Napolitan TJ Ellis Michael "Hucker" Clark. Tj Took the first spot with the best run of the day but it was very close with Anthony Napolitan taking second and Hucher in the 3rd spot.

Anthony Napolitan won the best trick contest with a massive 360 triple whip!

This past weekend went well besides one of our riders Omar 'Endo' Romero taking a big spill hitting drop-in face first off the 20' Storage containers. I Talked to him after he got out of the hospital and he is in good spirits but he should be back riding after a couple of months of healing. I want to say thank you very much to Ryan Nyquist for putting everything together for this contest especially in his home turf of SJ and never forgetting his fans!

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