Monday, June 8, 2009

Psykopath riders Visited Corey "Nasty" Nastasio's house this past weekend in Tehachapi, CA

Corey Nastasio is a Nut on and off his bike seriously, No jokes!

Heres a sneak preview of our new summer ride. Check us out in the next couple months. Were hitting up contests and shredding all summer long... Just a couple of our upcoming Psykopaths!
We also hit up Woodward west learning new tricks for next comp. From left to right. Derek Pereira, Anthony Renda, Anthony Renowitzky, Cj Arnold, Chris Savoy

Our Psykopath Street team came back from Corey comp this past weekend in Tehachapi, CA. Everyone had a blast 4rm the Woodward session with big named pros, like Ryan Nyquist just to put one out there. Yah it was amazing. To bad it rained friday and earily sat because the dirt jumps at woodward looked flawless. You have to see them in person to see their beauty. Thankfully the rain cleared and corey's jumps dried just in time for the Jam in his backyard later that day. It was a bit windy but most of the riders did'nt mind. Besides that i didnt see not one dissapointed face everyone had a fun time bbq'n and kicking back doing what they love to do and that is to ride bmx! Cheers and watch-out for more to come.

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