Friday, June 5, 2009

Track in Berkeley East Bay BMX
We'll meet again on June 29, 2009 -7pm to present and further discuss Measure WW funding for project proposals. Come out and support the BMX Park proposal! Meeting Location:
North Berkeley
Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave
This would be a bmxers dream in berkeley.

Our Mission: East Bay BMX wants to work with the city of Berkeley, CA to develop a BMX track and BMX bowl for Bay Area youths and adults. This would also open up a great opportunity for the public to form a hybrid use of the open space located at Caesar Chavez Park. Racing BMX bikes gives the youth and their families an opportunity to compete in the world of cycling. The track would generate income for the city of Berkeley by bringing in racers and their families throughout the Bay Area to participate in the sport of BMX racing and BMX freestyle tricksters need their on venue because bikes and skateboarders don’t mix because of the sheer weight of bikes compared to boards.
In order to get this done East Bay BMX needs the support of the east bay community to come out to the Berkeley commission and city counsel meeting in June 29 to help support in getting this idea to become a reality. If you can't make the meeting in Berkeley and even if you can please fill out the Measure WW Form and email it back to the city. This will help tremendously in the possibility of getting the city to look at putting in a BMX Park in Berkeley. Tell as many people as you can to help in this effort. The more WW forms turned in the better.
please go to this website and fill out the forms.

Update Hayward Track is on the fast track HARD (Hayward Area Rec.Dept)is working hard to get this going soon, so the youth bmxers in the Hayward area will have a after school track to ride. Updates to come.

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