Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Email of the week.

The ideas are coming in for a BMX park in Berkeley Ca. Below is a Berkeley Resident about his view about a BMX Park, so if you have a comment about a bmx park email us we love to hear your words..Will say his name is Boy George....bottom line is we need a safe place for our youth... The dogs have 100 acres at the Berkeley Marina why can bmxer kids get 3 or 4 acres..


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Hey dude,

So when I was in jail, this kids mom came into one of the anti-violence classes they conduct in sf county jail, they had these classes once a week and were kinda heavy sometimes....they just threw the fucking book at the dude who did it...righteous...

So I'm watching all these young teen black kids getting into bikes on the block, they tape them up and shit all colored like Kanye...its awesome...and I see older kids shooting at each other and associated deaths and car crashes and active swat scenes I suddenly bike into, and I see Solar Richmond training hood kids for solar jobs, and I see white people at community meetings coming up with no other ideas than surveillance and arresting any black teens in groups, and I think that Berkeley needs a bike track with a large solar array in the middle, as a training center for both bmx and education for solar, with loaner bikes for on site training. Berkeley can helps its own, if Richmond was able to pull it off, then why shouldn't Berkeley have something? I know space is a premium, but it can generate power for profit using a power purchase agreement with a solar company who then turns them into renewable energy credits in a market that is coming into a cap & trade on carbon, some equipment can be donated by various companies, but purchases would be part of a larger investment plan. There could even be electric car and bicycle recharging stations that charge a fee or city car share stations or similar. The space out by the pedestrian bridge would rock, I don''t know what that is slated for, something I'm sure...

Just thoughts, maybe I'm drunk or it's a real idea...

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