Monday, July 6, 2009

Factory Psykopath Team made the hot trip to Roseville Ca, for the Summer National, its a annual meeting in Nor Cal for old school past legends and new ones. There wasn't alot of motos, like past years where motos would reach close to 300, there were about 200, maybe the high gas prices and recession kept people home. It being a Pro Series brought out a lot of hungrey Pros trying to get a payday, with a stacked class in A Pro with over 40 riders. AA Pro had close to 30 riders and all three BMX Olympic Medal winners, in the Elite Mens,it was some good racing action. Below is Alan "Hotpants" Hudson, Mr. Carl Psykopath, and Jesse Langland. Alan got s thrid on Saturday in A Pro, missed the main event on Sunday. Mr. Psykopath moto filled the Vet Pro class, Jesse made semis both days in A Pro, he was looking very fast, training is paying off. Nick Dawg made the mains both days in his class, and it was good to see Psyko Chrisco race and makes mains in the old school crusier class.

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Old School Cruiser Class, Im bringing it back