Monday, July 13, 2009

Yesterday was the last jam @ Collins mini ramp here's a few pics i got. Check them out!
Lawrence Werrell busting a flair!
Joey Chernoff airing out and doing a Tech No-hander
Omar "Endo" Romero of Psykopath
Derrick Pereira of Psykopath whipping to tire tap.
Anthony Renda of Psykopath with a huge table.
Anthony Renda again!

Unfortunately last night was the last jam @ Collins warehouse in San Carlos. But the good news is it was a blast with alot of Psykopath riders throwing down some big tricks. Also some more good news... I heard First Rule is taking the ramp and using it for a skate park their putting together in Oakland, Thats my city and I'm excited and looking forward to ride it soon. Good shit Coit & Kweli! There was a lot of good riders out of the bay but im going to give it to Joey for taking the show! He was airing out of the mini ramp about 6 or 7 feet over the coping almost hitting the ceiling lights. The best trick was from Lawrence Werrell busting a flair with ease. Cant wait for this Saturday in frisco for the Bicycle Film Festival block party!

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